Forum loading S l o w l y

It has taken 8 minutes to get past Multiple attempts and even turned umputer off etc etc. Not the first time this has happened nor the second, third or fourth. Normally no particular problem except for this recurrent issue which has reappeared in the last half hour .

We got all sorts of problems before we got Mozilla Firefox browser and the AdBlock Plus add on, very very seldom do we get a problem now, it was a bit slow thismorning whilst i typed a post but then umpteen automatic windows updates arrived last night and were installed this morning when i fired up…could that have been your problem.

Loading slowly for me as well, no new updates installed

Forum is loading incredibly slowly this morning, to the point where I am waiting 2 to 3 minutes for a page to load. Seems to be waiting on site plug ins all the time for some reason.

yes there is an issue with something causing the page to “hang” at times, we are looking into it

Now that is a surprise to see the post actually appeared. I went off to do something else because the little green circle kept on doing its whirligig thing, came back a few minutes later and it was still doing it, so I gave up and turned the umputer off.

Anyway thanks for looking into it.

At last, managed to log on properly without that cirlcle at the top continuously going round and and round and round and sending me round the twist to boot! Now, the place I usually log on at the weekend has recently changed internet provider. We were told there was nothing wrong with the connection :astonished: What happens is it seems to log on at first, then when trying to view pages, the cirlcle will go round and round until a box appears and says something like 'page not responding, you can wait or kill pages. Waiting does not work, then the ‘aw snap’ page comes up :imp: This is happening a lot on TNUK ( which is usually the fastest loading and trouble free website). Bizarrely, it seems to work on other web sites and just playing up on here. Is there a way to check with you at all? It seems coincidental though that as soon we get a new provider, it does not want to connect properly to Trucknet. Never had connection problems on here before.

last time it was one particular ad that was slow loading in the header ( the area at the top of the forum), we blocked that ad from showing, I suspect its the same this time we have to isolate the ad then block it- it may take some time to find the right one …