Forgot to take tacho card out

I’ve recently started driving class 2 through an agency although I’ve had my license including class 1 since 2007. Yesterday afternoon I forgot to eject my tacho card and was now hoping that someone could inform me of any procedure I need to follow? I have done a printout of the 19th (the day I left it in) and also a full printout of today. The truck was driven in the night round to the loading bay and then parked up again. Also it started flashing to say I was a due a break as it thinks I’ve been working none stop all night. I had a 45 minute break anyway and then was told to just carry on but obviously stay legal as if nothing had happened. I was planning on writing on the backs of the printouts to explain and marking the relevent times and then was going to keep these for 28 days■■? Thanks for your help guys.

I have wondered about this situation before. I don’t know the answer but offer a theory can could well be shot down in flames!

Would it work to add a manual entry for the time you finished last night? Would that mean that the overnight period would switch from ‘other work’ to ‘rest’ until the first time you moved it this morning?
Or can a manual entry never override a period the card was in and a mode recorded? (i.e. the ‘other work’ it thinks you did all night)

Am hoping this question will help or at least rule out this solution!
If you can’t do this I think you can only do printouts and scribble all over them (as you have!)

I was steered here by a comment from th2013 on another thread and never usually comment on tacho law as Tachograph and Coffeeholic are the talking bibles on this and you can trust what they say.

In the meantime bootneck,seeing as I’m here,you’ve done what I would have and that’s take a printout of your last day of work and your first day returning,write on it that you’ve left the card in and it was in fact rest between x time and x time.
You’ve done the common sense thing,something sadly lacking these days.

Just a quicky about manual entries…you can’t overwrite what has already been recorded,if you ■■■■ up print it out and write on it.
Manual entries are for filling in the gaps in your working day if the card isn’t in.

u done right , just explain on back of printout what happened , the printout for the day after will show your driving times keep them together and keep for 28 days , if stopped vosa will see what has happened and as long as you dont keep making a habit of will know it was just a one off mistake

Thanks very much for your help guys, much appreciated.

It is a genuine mistake so no worries and i doubt that you will be fined for it.
I was told years ago they hate it fraud when drivers try to hide what they have done and it is better to show it.
When working in Europe and drove for ten hours you would not park up with no food or facilties and sit there for four days waiting for a truck ban to end.You would drive over the ten to get to a decent watering hole with a shower.
The law says stop at ten hours by a field in the middle of nowhere.