For Any Learner HGV Drivers

I Feel this is a good post out to any current Learners or people considering entering the HGV Industry, now we all now the learning process is nerve racking and adrenaline pumping at the same time, I feel these Pro Drivers off you tube will not only help you with whats to come when you get your Licence’s, but will give a good insight into what HGV Drivers do on a daily basis, I strongly recommend people take the time to watch all videos done by these two chaps as there videos are not only entertaining but educational!, and in my opinion helped me get through my tests to Class 1 links are below (strongly advise you to subscribe for any future videos they make!) there are TheRockGod23 & Luke Vernon! I have thanked the rock-god after i passed to show my appreciation, they could help you guys out! Thanks for reading! ONWARD!