Flower Power

Does anyone know owt about working for any of the Dutch flower lorries? I was thinking aiong the lines of Van de Vliet or Heebink :question: Is it usual Dutch rules apply :wink: :wink: It looks like a quality job,but looks are usually deceptive. :open_mouth:

I know a bloke who did a couple of years on a Dutch flower firm. Looked his age when he started, two years later he looked about 15 years older.

There are a couple of guys from the Suffolk area on Van Vliet,they’ve been on there for some time,so it can’t be too bad a job.

Though some of the other dutch companies who deliver flowers I’d give a wide berth.A lot of the flower boys used to come off the boat in Harwich and not stop until they were empty and back on the boat,whether it was a day or two doing deliveries.

Heebink do not drive flowers,they are purely groupage,and I don’t know if they still have any Brits on there.They had depots in Manchester and Newport Pagnell,probably still have.

Huisman from Nijmegen have a depot in Corby,and they have quite a few Brits driving for them,you could try them.

One thing you have to remember when you get in the back of a flower truck. Those plants & flowers have been grown in chemicals and are sprayed liberally from hothouse to warehouse. Its better you put on breathing gear before you open the back doors… :unamused:

The boys on Van Vleit are all self employed , you will find that most of the flower trucks are on own account work delivering direct to the flower shops , if you fancy working for the dutch i can give you some contacts and info if you want

Does driving a flower truck mean you can push up daises quicker :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the correspondence chaps,it seems its as i thought,looks can be deceptive.Not the cracking job it appears.

Hi, Andy c i live in spain and im looking for work anywhere so if you can give me some info i be mighty grateful.thanks for any help