Fleetboard & auto gearboxes

Where I’m working to maintain the company’s ‘acceptable’ Fleetboard score you need to constantly change up the auto gearbox manually, leave it in auto at your peril :laughing: .

It’s no big deal but I just wondered why companies buy a fleet of trucks with the auto gearbox when it doesn’t perform its ‘automatic’ function to the company’s requirements, I assume it must be down to purchase price.

I believe the thinking is that it averages out drivers fuel economy over the fleet, improving the fuel figures overall, strange as it seems. An added bonus is fewer clutches destroyed by professional drivers… :wink:

It’s definitely irritating. From what I can gather from the Fleetboard training we’ve had the further you depress the accelerator as you pull away the higher it will rev before it changes gear. If you want it to change at 1500, the end of the green band, you need to be fairly gentle with it.

Of course, there are times when this simply doesn’t work and if you’re not careful you’ll end up at gods knows what revs and get marked down for over revving. Basically the gearbox software goes haywire and another piece of software tells you off for it. Well done Mercedes, stellar job.

A problem I’ve noticed with it is that it’s too eco orientated and as such tries to block change too often when a single gear change would be the best option. Slight inclines are the worst for this, especially when loaded. It can hang at 1500, 1600, 1700 revs for ages then block change only to change back down as it hasn’t got enough oomph. I did some really long cross country runs last week and, like yourself, found myself changing gear far too often myself.