Fleet owners with hino truck fy 700


how well are hino trucks for fleet works

I’ve not ran trucks but worked on them regular a few years back. I rate them if looked after! First thing to do is completely remove auto lube, replace with grease ■■■■■■■ and keep on top of greasing. Spring pin side washers tend to wear and all steering joints are to be greased too! Brakes are abit of a pain to do in comparison to other manufacturers as on stop master brakes as such.They are abit of a pig to work on. the engine is solid really, if serviced regular. Gearbox is a zf tho which needs to be driven nice! A solid truck if looked after. Bit heavy on fuel tho and not the comfiest of drive! I rate the. Over most really!

thanks 1986, how would you compare manual version of hino to electronic ones?

I’ve not had anything to do with auto boxes in a hino. Personally I’d prefere a manual if on tipper work ect. The snail and tortoise light on the dash for high and low range always made me giggle!

I’ve a couple of hino’s and to be honest are good enough units. Positive is cheap to buy and never really break down, negatives slightly hard on diesel and the breakers are ■■■■■ to get right for mot

Anyone got anything to add 4 yrs on ? What’s the biggest Hino engine and anyone running one on 4 bag air ? Cheers Dan