Flat return loads, Sth Yorks - Sth Wales

Anyone recommend good firms for regular return loads to the W. Mids from Sth Wales and Sth Yorks for our flat trailer? Its a coil carrier also.

RMS at Goole do a lot of coils etc. or L.A.Reed. From S.Yorks it tends to be more bar stuff - try Ernest Thorpes (Sheffield & Scunthorpe) or Truswell or ABS at Rotherham - last 2 probably depends on how often you’re up here as they have a fair number of regular subbies.

I used o see Hingleys coming out of Alphasteel at Newport.

Hope these are of some use.

Ta, yes they are of some use to try. We might be up there a lot depending on whats coming back down every day.