Fitting a CB in a MAN TGA

Has anyone ever done this? Got my cb to fit, ideally in the vacant slot next to the tacho head but I’ve had the panel off and can’t find any suitable wires to run it off. I’m not sure if ill have to run a feed from the back of the 12v jack plug but that means taking all the different panels out to get it up to the cb. Any help greatly appreciated.



Why not stick it on top of the dash in the centre, angled slightly so you can look at the display?

That way, you can run the wires along the base of the windscreen.


Hi ken,
I don’t really want to go down the route of drilling into the dash as I think it looks awful when I come to sell the wagon! In my old xf there was a plug in the top locker to go straight into with a cb. I can disconnect the light in the top locker but its 24v and I’m fairly sure cb will be 12v but its at home at moment!


Matt, I’ve got one fitted in mine. The fitter put it in (60 ■■■■ well spent) it is indeed in the slot beside the tacho, he used a 24v feed and a small dropper to power it. I’ve also stuck velcro on the cb and also on the “ledge” inside the hole so as a bonus when I go home at weekends I just take the mike off, pull the cb up and move it an inch back, put the cover back over and hey presto any monkey using it doesn’t realise it’s there so they don’t mess with it.

check your voltage … most are dual now 12 / 24v

How do you run an Arial for the cb in a tgx as there isn’t anything on the roof like a Volvo or merc

The way i fixed an arial on my TGA & TGX was to remove the grey plastic air vent on the inside backwall of the cab & drill a hole through the cab rear & fit ariel there. There is room behind the interior panel to connect the wire & run it around behind the panels up to the cb

You can see where in the picture!
all depends if your allowed to drill holes of course!

No we aren’t also not through the sunroof

This is my twig solution…


Oh, the coax comes through the sunroof, we have a very intensive drive through wash and I’ve had no leaking problems…


What about using a boot lid type mount, with an angle adjuster, and fitting it over the top edge of the door? Bring the cable through the door closure with a drip loop and straight up into the overhead?

Got it fitted they are good in traffic but not many on other timea