First week back couldn't have gone any better:)

Well I’m at the end of my first week back and it has been great :smiley: 2 drops Ammanford on Monday then off up to Leominster for my backload for Derby so I got as far as Brecon lorry park Monday night,first time I’ve stopped there and it’s a lovely little town.
Got my backload on and head up to Derby on Tuesday and got it off for 14:10,let the office know and was told to head back to Naylors to pick up a load for Frimley. Got back,collected the trailer and back down to our yard to fuel up and a shower and then it was Brackley bound for the night and one of the best takeaway pizzas I’ve ever had :smiley:
Tacho in for 5:50 Wednesday morning and a steady drive via Beconsfield services (for a Greggs and a coffee) to Frimley, tip that out for 9:00 inform office who tell me I’m back loading out of Harlow with a load of pop for Manchester but I’m to take the load upto Wombourne, drop the trailer and pick up the trailer that’s loaded for Asda RDC Milton and Domestic Appliances Distribution in Ashcurch. Get both of them off for13:30 and its a short journey down to Stonehouse for my backload of 10 drops around the North East B+Qs for today.
Junction 29 was my port of call last night and I had a revitalising shower then had the Spanish Omellette for my tea then it was back to the truck to get my head down. Just tipped my second B+Q of today so 8 more to go, don’t know where I’m parking up tonight but I don’t care, the weather is great,I’m listening to the Ashes on the radio and its great to be back :smiley:

Sounds good mate, glad you’re back on track.

Spot on Steve. More importantly than work though is that I guess the eye problems are behind you now though?

I guess we all ■■■■■ about our job at some time or other but if it’s taken from us through no fault of our own it’s a bigger ■■■■■.

It’s good you’re earning again :smiley:

Well done, good news, positive attitude, good job!

NIce happy post and what great weather to go back to work with :slight_smile: good times! Your post has actually cheered me up bit!

Lovely weather to come back too. Glad your glad to be back :wink:

Nice one Steve, seen loads of youre trucks about this week maybe one of them was you :smiley: Keep on Trucking Brother Rubber :smiley:

the maoster:
Spot on Steve. More importantly than work though is that I guess the eye problems are behind you now though?

They seem that way mate. Mind you I have had to inform the DVLA about the problem and they have sent me some forms to fill out. One so they can contact my consultant and see my medical records then they give the results to someone down London who sits behind a desk and decides if I can keep my HGV entitlement :confused:
I’ve passed all the tests at the hospital and my consultant says I’ve got near 20/20 vision in both eyes but its still a worry that me being able to drive a truck for a living lies in the hands of someone else who probably hasn’t got a clue :unamused: