First night driving tonight

Hi folks,

i passed my class1 about 3 weeks ago now and i got myself a job doing night trunks.

Im excited and nervous at the same time :joy: I feel like i have forgot half what i learned :see_no_evil:

I learned in a class 1 shorter trailer, this job is the full length trailer so,

Do i need to go further out at a right or left turn before turning, [til i kinda see the kerb in front of me disappear ] What is the difference between taking a corner like that or swinging over the wrong side of the road then turning the corner [ as long as no trafic oncoming] i take it it’s the tightness of the turn?

and on bends in the road, make sure my front wheels are on the white line to avoid my trailer hitting the kerb.

coupling - was taught to lower the suspension, reverse just short of the trailer, make sure its all lined up. Go under a wee bit, they then told me to raise suspension to ride height and go back to get pin. Ive seen videos where people raise the suspension til they see the trailer lifting a wee bit?

its a double decker as well :joy: :joy: :joy:

baptism of fire :fire:

But im really looking forward to it,

I think i have the company driver trainer with me for the first week or so, so that will be good and im sure he wont be expecting the perfect driver.

I may have passed my test but the real learning starts now.

Thank you.

That will only work if the trailer has been dropped at a certain height.

Yes. This guarantees that the 5th wheel is correctly touching the rubbing plate of the trailer.

Having someone will be with you to night is good.
Do not be afraid to ask questions, and do not pretend to be an old hand. If anyone takes the mickey that is them being stupid, not you!
Check and double check everything.

Whatever, good luck! You’ll be fine.

Thank you, i am sure all will be good.

A 2 axle trailer is easier going forward, but more difficult going back. I always think how far forward the pin is also makes a difference in terms of how the combination handles, particularly in reverse.

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I know this is a couple of days old now so I hope went well. The secret, in my opinion, to safely coupling a trailer is routine. Never guess, always look. I was doing this for decades and I will get out to look 2 and 3 times every time right till my last shift.

It’s so much easier now with air suspension so I drop the air as I back up to the trailer, I stop just short of going under the trailer jump out and check height. I then back under the trailer until the fifth wheel is under the rubbing plate. I jump out again and watch as I raise the air suspension. I’m watching for alignment, good contact and that the landing legs are off the ground. Jump back in and back under. Success every time.

What you don’t want to do is think all is good and then sail under until you collide with the landing legs or more likely, that you hit the rear of the cab with the front of the trailer. Act in haste, repent at leisure.

All avoidable with an extra 30 seconds of jumping out and checking, keeps you a little fitter too.
good luck.


Hi folks,
thank you for all the advice,
the week went really well, i loved it.

I never go the chance to couple up by myself as the driver trainer was guiding me back.

I did uncouple myself.

Thanks for all the tips and advice.

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Is it normal for older drivers not to like new drivers?

youre to slow at this, you need to be quicker at that…

consant nit pciking this week with the other driver.

it’s enough to make you want to chuck it,

i might not be perfect but im trying my best, its all new to me.

yes youre gonna be quicker at undoing a curtain than me, yes youre gonna be quicker on the motorway than me, yes youre gonna be better reversing than me.

Not been the best week this week to be honest,
Youre not goona get the best out of somebody with constant criticism… Not one word of encouragement or a well done all week.

moaning because we are 10 minutes later than normal in getting home from where we were…


Well I hope you aren’t coming on here looking for support !
Bloody young kids sayi…

There are some right old moany gits everywhere.
Sounds like you have have met one who drives a truck!
Not all of us older ones are moany, but some younger ones are too.

Just unlucky, mate.
Don’t let 'em get you down. Soon enough you’ll be ignoring the ole idiots, and young idiots.

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is this the driver trainer that assessed you before you got the job? Driving on the limiter the whole way is what is murder. you will get quicker at doing the curtains and reversing especially if your going to the same places.

if next week he moans that he is back 10 minuets later than usual tell him well you got a 10 min lay in most would be grateful for that

You would hope that a driver trainer would be selected based on the correct behaviours and attitude.

However, you might find that what was being said was purely because there wasn’t much else to say rather with than any malice or ill-intent. It is a long old day in someone’s company in a truck all day. It was probably a way of telling you that you will be expected to be better as time goes by.

You will find that some drivers are always in a hurry by the way, even when it doesn’t really make any sense to be in a hurry.

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It’s just normal for drivers to complain about everything and everyone, don’t let it get to you, it’s just the default state. I don’t even drive wagons these days, but I did give a lift to someone who was a driver trainer for a local driving school. Over a 3 mile journey all he did was criticise my driving, despite the fact that I had more driving experience than him in every single licence category. Some in our industry are just born bell ends. For good measure this guy was a full on Walt, everything except the old “I was on the balcony” routine.

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Different guy mate,
He was hard work like.
Hopefully have somebody different next week.
Yeah all i got was foot down, foot down.
Im sitting at 54 and you get the glare and why are we doing 54 lol.
Im not gonna get bullied out of this, i spent a lot of money getting here and i love doing it .


It sounds like the sort of guy that lets the thing run on downhills, going up to 60 and beyond if heavy enough. Each to their own, but I don’t feel the need to do that. I know some may be salaried and this is the way it often rolls in that situation, but not for me.

if you drive up the motorway at 56 all that happens is you get to the next snarl up 30 seconds quicker sitting on someones bumper moaning that your only doing 51 on and off the brakes or elephant racing the other idiot that is 2 kg heavier than you for the next 5 miles holding everyone else up behind you because neither will give way. Drive at 50 all the teararse hero’s are out of your way any traffic snarl ups caused by them have dissipated by the time you get there. If you do catch someone up you have 5 or 6 mph to play with to overtake quickly and safely.

90% of the time you will get to the destination just as they do with out the throbbing forehead vains


Who is the bell end who’s telling you this? Drive at whatever speed you want and tell him to do one :laughing: Surely this isn’t a driver trainer?

I’ll let it run on to 60 when traffic allows. 90% of the time in traffic today its far easier to go at 53ish I find.
Did have a good bomb down to Bristol last night though, traffic was dead all the way which was a Friday treat :laughing:
Took about half hour off a normal weekday run but that was mainly down to the level of traffic.

I find it is rather widespread amongst night trunk drivers, who by and large drive the exact same route each shift, to have nothing but the time they finish in the morning to be able to determine if they had a good day or not.

When I used to run in and out of Fradley Park nightly bits of the 446 and the A38 felt like wacky races for decker drivers quite often.

Very probably does. Driving the same monotonous route every night, cant think of much worse. If they’re salaried probably want to get a move on.
Sometimes I’ll take the 446 into Coleshill and always the mandatory tailgater. I just hold my course probably winds them up :nerd_face: