First driving job - advice needed

Got my Class 2 licence through the post on Friday, registered with 3 agencies today and got offered a day’s work tomorrow. Its only delivering a 7.5 tonner to another depot but I’m not turning anything down if I can help it - and any work is better than no work.

A couple of questions if anybody can help please.

  1. Where do I get tachograph discs from? One of the agencies gave me an application form for my digital tacho card but none of them offered me discs.

  2. Where do I send the discs and is it only those older than 28 days that I hand in? Can I wait until day 35 and hand the first week’s discs in then?

I’ve had a look through previous forums but I’m still not 100% sure on these.

1 - the company who own the vehicle or the agency normally supply you
2 - to the agency that you work for (your employer)

The rule is that you must carry the the current week + the previous 28 days.

A ‘week’ being defined as starting at 0000 hours Monday.

To be quite honest, with the way the rules have been buggered about with over the last few months/years, I’m not even sure that the U.K. legislation has yet caught up with the E.U. changes.

As mine have to be posted back to the Agency, and as I rarely now use a chart, I’m buggered if I’m going to spend the cost of an envelope and a stamp on sending back a single chart. I tend to have a clear-out every two or three weeks. Alright, some might have begun to grow beards, or are starting to turn yellow at the edges, or the envelope that I left out for the missus to post somehow got knocked down behind the telephone table, :wink: they get there eventually.

which agencys u withcongrats on passing the test

Hi Shtevee.

I’m with Taskmaster who are based near the railway station in Doncaster, Driver Hire on Netherhall Road, and Taylor Hughes in Rotherham.

I did the first job for Driver Hire, nice and steady drive down to Northampton and a car back.

With Taskmaster, I’ve just finished a days work driving a 7.5 tonner for Polypipe in Edlington - the work was fine for learning the ropes.

7.5t rates are very poor but obviously better than nothing.

Driver Hire have (fingers crossed) just got me a class 2 job all next week :smiley:

Who are you registered with?

i’m registed with maine recrutment at the min there out near the airport i’m in a full time job at the min tho but come june 1st i’ll be trying 2 find as much as poss though the week i got told because of my age they’ll find it hard to find me work tho i’m 22