First day training done :D

Completed my first 8 hours of Rigid training today. another 2 full days with part day and test on Thursday.

Couple of habits from car driving I need to get out of. One im struggeling with though, on my training vehicle the biting point on the clutch is virtually at the end of the clutch pedal being released. which is causing me to sit on the clutch to long and coasting :frowning:

Nailed the reverse exercise first time though.

So I learnt mirrors, mirrors, mirrors. But it was pouring down pretty much all afternoon and was finding it difficult to see out the mirrors.

Loved every minute though. Instructor is really great. :smiley:

you have the heated mirror switch on?

you need to physically keep moving your foot right back to the seat I used to do the same thing because the clutch is in a position that is comfy for your left foot lol it will all come to you and don’t forget they are not training you to drive you already done that test ? your training to drive a oversized vehicle so concentrate on that…

i am doing the same mistake in my car, this will give me headsup to leave the clutch after gear changing. thx