Find a job in Spain or carry on in England

My partner and I are planning on moving to Spain next year as she has family there and we fancy a change of scenery. I’ve been driving class 1 for only 6 months with this limited experience is it likely I’d be able to get any European work and if so should I be looking for a company in Spain or here in the UK?has anybody got any experience of working in Spain?Thanks in advance!!! :smiley: :smiley:

Did you see this post?


Thanks for that. It’s pretty much as I expected from bits and pieces I read online.

I’m a Spaniard myself and I can tell you the situation in Spain is pretty bad right know. I’ve never worked there as truck driver but I have friends who did and right know wages are not so good. Around 1500 euros per month doing national work. Expect 4 or 5 nights out. You could get in better companies If you had an “enchufe” which means someone working in the company passing your cv onto the boss.
If you had more experience and spoke fluent Spanish you could get something more decent but still difficult. Lots of experience drivers who speak good Spanish still have to put up with nasty bosses and bad conditions.

If you have more specific questions go ahead

Thanks for the info. We have family there now so think we will go visit next year and just test the water but I’m not keen on moving now with the information gained so far. I think the best bet is for me to stay where I am and get a lot more experience and maybe try and even learn the language.

I think you would be better off just by teaching English than driving. If you still wanna give it try I’d recommend you to learn as much Spanish as possible and get at least 3 years experience in uk.
I know it doesn’t sound good but that’s the way it is down there. Trucking has gone to the dogs as you brittish say

Good luck

I,m interested to know if jobs for HGV driving in SPAIN has got any better , considering moving there in the next 12/18 months any help would be appreciated.

I just joined this TruckNetUK because I am looking to become a driver. Hi everyone!
I lived in Spain, In Seville, Barcelona and Madrid. (3 years in all) I know nothing about truck driving there but I do know that Teaching English was good fun. You don’t really need any experience. Just the will to succeed. The less Spanish you speak the better!
I also lived in South America for 5 years.
Moving abroad is the best thing to do ever.
If you don’t like it then you can always come back.
I only came back to the UK because I started a family and wanted to do it all here for a few years.

I am looking for a good Class 2 driving course in Northants if anyone has any information or a link to a good thread. :smiley: