Hi all,

Ok so I finally got a driving job yesterday!!!
I passed my class 2 in Oct 08,about 2 months before i even set foot in a lorry i had written and printed
about 40-50 letters ready to be sent to just about everyone and anyone that ran lorrys in the hope i would get given half a chance,anyway when i did pass it,the letters were sent the next day as well as another 100 or so and also emails,calls and visits but not a thing came from it.I then applied for my digicard,went for 2 assesment drives,was told they would employ me,were happy with my driving but didnt have a spot for me so would be in touch,i offered to wash trucks,clean the yard,anything to get in there but nothing.I decided to go ahead and book my class 1,so at the start of feb 09 i started the 1 to 1 course, wed,thur & fri half days with test on sat,i failed it on the reverse,was gutted!!I was supposed to re-sit this coming monday but
the lorrys gear box has gone so its a case of waiting for another test.

So on tuesday morning i get a call asking me to go for an interview on the wednesday,the TM took me
through to his office,asked what experience i have etc etc said he had 6 or 7 other experienced drivers that he’d still to see and so asked why he should pick me,at that point i was totally honest,told him i understand the position hes in but needed this chance,so after quite abit more chat and me trying to sell myself and convince him i was worth the risk,He said…right you seem really keen,i’ll take a chance on you but what he did say is if i aint cutting it or whatever then he’ll let me know and that’ll be that.So eh no pressure eh!!!
Its with Menzies Distribution,dont know if thats good or bad but the way i see it is that my foots in the door now,allows me to gain that all too important experience i need and at 23 its not too bad going i dont think.

Anyway,I just thought i’d tell you my journey so far and hope it gives some of you new guys hope that
there are people willing to take a chance on you,no matter what you must keep hammering away at it cause it WILL pay of eventually :smiley: :smiley:

to start with i will be doing nightshift which is new to me but really looking forward to just getting stuck in to it.
If anyone has any tips or advice for me,its all much appreciated and very welcome,

Cheers guys

Always start your shift with the daily drivers checks and defect anything thats wrong.
take your time and don’t be afraid to ask for help and when manouvering about if in doubt get out and have a look see.
most of all dont panic if your late for a del just plod on and do the best you can but always keep the office informed of any delays or other stuff which will affect your shift.
enjoy the thrill cos it will soon wear off

well done, and congrats mate, perseverance pays off.
i’m sure, as long as you take your time, and keep your cool, you’ll be fine. don’t let anyone badger you into rushing, too back on a bay or similar, its when the mistakes happen. if your not sure, if you’ve quite missed that post, or parked car, stop, get out and double check, its worth it.
let people know you are new at the job, and if you get any smartarses, remind them, we all had too start somewhere. good luck :wink:

Very well done. Geting a job as a newbie in the present climate is no mean feat. don’t worry about failing the Class one most of us have done that, persevere though it’'s worth it.

Congrats fella :sunglasses:

i know how hard it is to get your foot in the door being a newbie, we have all been there.

as you say, most companies won’t give a newbie a chance to gain the all important experience, fair play to you for your perseverance.

Now i run trucks myself, as far as i am concerned, if you have the relevant licence, you are qualified to drive the truck and i will give people a chance.

please note, i am NOT looking for any drivers at the moment

congratulations mate, just stay calm and dont be afraid to ask questions, no matter how daft it seems, its better to ask and look a little silly than to do something wrong!’

hope it goes well

Congrats mate.

My one bit of advice is to get some blackout curtains for your bedroom, you’re going to need atleast 10hrs sleep a day to be able to function correctly at night.

AS the others have posted , all ways ask if you are
not sure, better too many questions , and yes daily
checks , take your time, try not to rush, and yes
keep the office informened, if you are haveing problems,
If you get the route information the night before
as to where you are driveing,have a look at the maps
and try to see if you can write the route out on paper
in large print,with different colours, as a helping hand,
have your map to hand next to the Sat-nav in case it
fails,all ways lock your cab, saves problems if light fingers
are around,

As a ‘newbie’ who pased his test in Oct 08 also…All the above is perfect advice.

Especially…If not sure; get out and look!!..Personally speaking, I’m ‘In and out’ like a fiddler’s elbow’!!!..LOL

One more thing…When picking up or tipping; Tell everyone you deal with, especially other Drivers, that you are new to the game…I do; and without exception, the help I have received has been fantastic…I have not yet met anyone that was ‘sarky’ or unwilling to help.

On the forums, we may come across as ‘■■■■ takers’ and jokers…But it seems to me that generally, out in the real world, we ‘take care of our own’! :smiley:

One more thing…Enjoy it…No matter the hassles involved, once you are rolling down the road, radio blasting, It’s BRILLIANT!!

Best of luck to you!!