Finally landed a decent job!

Well after actually passing (albeit only in August) I did a little bit of 7.5t driving, a day in a 18t and then finally found a decent (for me) job. Delivering artic tractor units and anything else my licence permits, the money’s decent and the other lads are spot on!!

The moral of the story is keep plugging away! It really is worth all the heartache!!!

That’s great - well done and good luck with the job. Pete :laughing: :laughing:

Congrats on getting the job!

Is it a trade plate type job, collecting from the dock?

Thanks !!

Nope ya get followed or picked up by another driver. It’s usually done in relays so you might have to pick up or drop another driver off.

It’s actually quite fun and getting to drive different vehicles is always a bonus!

So far had a few trips in Renault premiums and one in a Daf 105xf.

Other lads are spot on and the gaffer is a nice bloke!! Also get to have a kip between jobs lol!