Finally have a full time job :D

After 5 months slogging it out to various company’s for my agency, starting between 4am and 8am and huge variations in finishing times. I have finally landed a full time job for AFI uplift. Absolutely ecstatic at the type of work delivering scissor lifts and cherry pickers etc. cannot wait for my new adventure to start on Monday :smiley:

congrats matey, Did you have any experience before the agency? if not was it difficult to find an agency to take you on without experience? only asking because I’m going to be taking my license soon and I was thinking I might have a game getting an agency to take me on all the job ads I’ve seen require experience.

I had no experience at all, most where a bit funny over experience but driverhire didn’t have a problem and they had me swamped with work after the first week. Just try forget your agency and work like a trooper and keep in touch with the depots u work for etc and u will find in the increasing demand for hgv drivers will land u on your feet with a job :slight_smile:

Glad to hear that. As theres driver hire i was gona try about 10mins drive from me here in belfast. was thinking of trying them after i knock on few more doors. Hope they are same about no experince here too :laughing: . Ive my c+e passed in march. So give driver hire ago soon. Hows the job goin bud? :smiley:


I do wonder if this “two year” thing is a bit of a myth. Transport Managers will take you on if they have trucks parked up.

Incidentally, I started work at a well known haulage company near Stafford last week - and I didn’t even have any experience at all, let alone with an agency.

Congrats tr4man on job. You driving c+e? How ya finding it?

Congrats tr4man on job. You driving c+e? How ya finding it?

No, not yet.

Only Class C but wanting to build up experience in driving before going for the C+E.

Its funny that I thought most drivers saw Class C as a stepping stone to achieving C+E, but at my place of work (where there are as many rigids as artics) most of the rigid drivers I’ve spoken to aren’t interested in getting their C+E.

Are you going to go for it? Ive always wanted my c+e. Its actually easier driving c+e than c. Ive always wanted to do tramping. Ive been looking everywhere but still nothing. Been thinking after get experince heading to ■■■■■■■■ My family lived there 30yrs. Wouldnt mind stobarts :laughing:

The company I am with now do a training scheme where u can apply for training after a year of service. So I am going to ask for my c+e. Then I can drive the low loader. Although having said this I was out with the artic driver for a week and he had to get the truck down sum amazingly tight spaces delivering machinery :confused: would be one hell of a learning curve

That’s a picture of my new lorry that I drive full time needs re labelling as it is for afi not high reach but they recently bought them out so truck. The truck is a MAN 26tonne 380bhp 16 speed manual pulls like a train even fully freighted

The gearbox is taking some adjusting to its a 4over4 with splitter I keep forgetting to shift down to the low box when slowing down for the traffic lights lol

Out of curiosity, what sort of gearbox did you learn with?

Pete :laughing: :laughing:

Was the mercedes 4by4 so u had 1-4 then moved gear stick over to second box for 5-8

Then every manual since has just been a 6speed

You’ll soon get the hang of a 4 over 4.

That is what I learned on and my Scania in my new job has the same gearbox. It is now a doddle, but I admit that there were some teething problems :smiley: :unamused:

C+E bit better money than C not much dont think. Suppose if your in there already am sure they might put you threw C+E if your there long enough :slight_smile:

are you still looking for work davy