Final powder tanker diary

Finished powder tankers on Friday, really enjoyed the job and sorry to be packing in, but another opportunity has arisen, which I have taken, so start that Monday,more info on that later.

Just some pics and that of last week.

Monday morning truck looking clean.

Tipping a muddy building site in Nottingham

Supposed to tip one of these silos, but no one knows which one.

Finally they decided on the middle one.

Once tipped head back to Croxden for another load.

Just goes to show how quiet the building trade is by the number of silos stood about, theres normally only about 5 or 6 in here

Off to Salford next, saw this building off the M602 any ideas what it is?

Tight access to this site and what also told to hide me sat nav and phone, as a driver the previous week had had his stolen.

Old Trafford. Boo!

Next day, loaded cement, out of Lafarge at Cauldon Low, destined for Nottingham.

Just under 44 tonnes and away we go

Cement is good stuff to blow, around 25-30 minutes for 29.5 tonnes.

Once empty back to Cauldon for another load to Worcester.

Very tidy ERF 8 wheel tipper

Down to Aberthaw South Wales next, to load for Westerham. Saw some nice scenery on way down.

Cardiff airport

The cement works at Aberthaw.

Thought this sign was a joke, but apparently its true!

Got loaded.

This truck wash was very powerful.

Managed to make it as far as Leigh Delamere services, bang on 10 hours was hoping to get to the truckstop at junction 17, but didnt.
Showers were absolutely minging.

Rather him than me nighting out in this.

Tipped a tile factory in Westerham on Wednesday morning.

Needed fuel desperately.

Was worried in case I couldnt get any because of the panic buying, but the garages were quiet.

Across the Severn Bridge, back into Wales to do the same again.

Didnt know Galaxy was hazardous!!!

Met one of the other drivers for a brew

Nice Ford D series wrecker with a V8

Next job, load of ash,from Drax power station, to Hansons at Thatcham

Cheer up Zippy, only 195 miles to go!

Final job of the week, tip cement in Birmingham, then home.

Back at the yard, then empty the truck.
Cant believe how much crap you keep in a truck!
At least Id got the missus to come and help me," dont know where that ■■■■ came from honest love!"

Back on containers from Monday, driving a 95 XF super space cab drawbar, pulling for Maritime, looking forward to it to be honest. Will post some pics and diary soon, thanks for reading.

Nice one Bug!

Good pics.

Good luck with the new job, looking forward to pics of long queues!!


that building in the pic is the new hilton hotel now the tallest building in manchester and was you round ordsall are by any chance ■■

bit dodgy round there mate :open_mouth:

oh n good luck with the drawbar job :wink:

Will miss you mate. love you always and you better still phone me x x x

you better still phone me x x x

He’s goin to need to find summit to fill his time on boxes :smiley: hours off sleep and more sleep to look forward to :wink:

Good luck on the new gig, :wink:

The building in Manchester is the Beetham Tower of which the first 23 floors or so are taken up by the Hilton Hotel. The architect bought the Penthouse suite for something like 3 million ( which was probably about the same as his fee) and lives there himself in what is the highest living space in the country. Weather permitting, Blackpool Tower and Snowdonia can be seen from there.

Nice diary again Bugcos ,all the best with the new job!

Great diary. Good Luck in your new job!

Nice nostalgia trip for me there Bugcos with the view from Trent Bridge
towards Forest and memories of my powder tanker days with K&M many
years ago. The job and the tank don’t seem to have changed much, just the
Daf in place of my steel cabbed Foden pulling it. :wink: :laughing:

Echo what was said above.Some lovely clear pics there.What were you using?


I am surprised you want to go onto containers after having something interesting to occupy you, it might be a bit mucky but boredom will be worse.

Anyway good luck with the wagon and drag, dont get it stuck :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks a nice read with great photos,
will be waiting for your first post about
the new job

Next weeks ride

Brill diary Bug…good luck with the new job mate!

good diary and good luck with the new job. :wink: :wink: :wink:

Are you working for Maritime or contracted to them ?

Good pictures and good look. Seemed an ok job to give up?

Good pictures and good luck, looked like an interesting job.

Watch out you’ll struggle to get a drawbar into places you could with an artic. I know I do :blush:

Funny story on powder tankers, one of our guys “did a paper round to earn a bit extra” :wink: :wink: So he drives across to Galway connects up and starts blowing for about an hour, disconnects and drives back to the yard. He thought it felt a bit heavy coming back, anyway he gets a phone call later to tell him he’d only blown about 2 tons into the silo and when was he going to come back with rest of the load :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

He still doesn’t know what he did wrong, but he hasn’t been asked to deliver any more “papers” :blush: :blush: