fh12 v2 seats??

hello everybody :slight_smile:
i drive a volvo fh12 and the drivers seat is knackered, theirs no padding left in it and its smooth and shiny, just wondering if anyone knows if i can take the passenger side seat out and put it on the drvers side. obviously not the whole seat but i mean the bottom and back part and switch them over

Might be possible if they’re similar spec seats, (some Volvos have a very basic passenger seat) I’ve removed the seat cushion to repair an air leak, I seem to remember the way I did it was remove the handle that allows you to slide the cushion back and forward, you have to do this from underneath. Once the handles has been removed the cushion can slide forward and comes off.

Not had to attemp to take the back of the seat off, might be more complicated as there must be a mechanism to adjust the back.