FH seats

My drivers seat is getting towards the end of it’s days. Apart from the obvious trip to Volvo, does anyone have a better idea to renew it, or both? I was daydreaming about retro fitting something comfortable this time!

What about getting the original seats refurbished by someone like SD Interiors?

Would be cheaper than a new seat

Or, there is the option of going direct to a seating specialist and buying a new one from there, again, cheaper than Main dealer pricing

Tek or someone like will do one, i priced a lovely leather job with armrests, the price came to over 1k :open_mouth: my leather settee at home was cheaper

If the basic seat is sound, ie the frame isn’t broken or bad air leaks then it possible to buy seat swabs ( the foam bits that are covered with cloth or leather ) direct from you Volvo dealer, it’s also possible to get matching arm rests.
Get the seat out the cab and with a bit of poking about with a flat end screwdriver and pliers you can easily change both the base and back in about an hour. Most seat design hasn’t changed much over the last few years so there will be various factory options available for each seat. A lot cheaper than after market seats, it would also be possible to upgrade from cloth to leather, perhaps even heated if you are so inclined.
It’s a lot easier to fit them on a hot/ warm day.


As i remember the steel cracks in the back of volvo seats and im only 13 stone.

Christ! I’m 20 stone :open_mouth: , back to the drawing board then.

Thanks for the replies chaps.