FFS it's just a song

This has made my day :joy: Warwick University getting upset and launching “an investigation” because some of their students have been found to be singing a song about girls and flowers, which is “utterly abhorrent” and, “Actions must have consequences.” as it is being blamed for apparently “blatantly supporting racism”

The song? Erika. The crime? It was a popular marching song for German soldiers in the 1930’s. Therefore it must be labelled a symbol of Nazism, despite the lyrical content.
Better ban “Edelweiss” then, but The Sound of Music will never be the same again

Up next, BMW logo to be banned (also dates from 1930’s Germany).
In the future Springsteen’s “Born to Run” to be banned for promoting motor vehicles and therefore environmental damage
Then a ban on “The Blaydon Races” for promoting animal cruelty and gambling

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Truly “Troubling” footage :laughing:
The Jewish Society are assisting a review… why?
I had a look at the lyrics in English. Unless the UWCA were goosestepping around then so what, the thread title sums it up well.

Its actually quite catchy :notes: Going on the playlist for tonight’s trunk.

My daughter tells me most of her year group (Year 8) know the song and sing it as a bit of an anti-woke protest, and to annoy the teachers :joy:

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Just another example of this pc/woke pi55 poor society regime that has come about in the last few years.
A society where majority opinion is ignored, not only ignored, but ‘put down’ as some kin ‘phobia’ or another, by the minority who think this way.
I tend to do and say the direct opposite to what these individuals try and stop us saying and doing…any right thinking realists should do the same.
We should all download this track and get it topping the download charts.:joy:

I like your daughter’s and her mates style.:joy:

Just remembered where I’ve heard it,.and why it sounded familiar.
It is on a movie about German prisoners in a British pow camp…'The McKenzie Break.
Worth watching and you can watch full movie on You tube btw.

Bizarrely (and very reassuringly) her year group are so anti-woke the take the mick out of each other by using “The N word”, and comments like “Get into the fields and back to work you n-----” :joy: I tell her, just don’t let the teachers hear you.
My son’s year group (Year 11) are all as woke as can be.

Dare we hope this thing is at least beginning to come to an end?

It’s good to hear young people are rebelling against and defying all this type of crap, because it’s usually younger people who are the most impressionable and who are consequently the worst offenders
So yeah let’s hope so, and that things aint as bad as we thought.

Just thinking, maybe the self appointed pc Thought Police will ‘allow’ us to use that ‘N’ word soon anyhow, as they did with the word ‘Queer’ to describe homosexuals.
Apparentlly not only any longer derogatory, but actually deemed complimentary !
How kind of them to let us refer to people as we wish eh? :joy:

Funny that, I suppose one of theTommies’ favourites will be banned too because they picked it up from Afrika Corps radio. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YjXC4N1HXf0

:joy: love the firt comment, a subtle middle finger.

Erica, Scharwzbraun ist de Hazelnuzz and Ein Heller und ein Batzen all pre date WW2 and the German Socialists.
They did change part of the chorus line of the latter to Ein Reich Ein Fuhrer Ein Volk.
All much better than the zb celebration of Communist conquest Internationale.
We fought on the wrong side in 1914.

She’s got some more ammunition now.
Unfortunately she won’t have the experience of hearing German war vets singing all these on holiday in Italy.My Dad saying they were defeated but not beaten.
This one would really upset the commies.

To be fair.This and Lili Marlene Italian version or English were known and heard by the D Day Dodgers as much as Blue Birds Over the White Cliffs of Dover.The woke brigade are going to attempt to rewrite history with that generation no longer being here to correct them.

I consider “woke” to be a nonword and generally switch off whenever it is being used. This is mainly because it entered parlance well after I learned English and also the usage depends largely on the person uttering the word. Not to mention the Americanism aspect.

It’s just an easier way of saying ‘Politically correct’ .
Or my own interpretaion (rightly or wrongly) of which is …
‘OVER awareness (and over preoccupation) of PERCEIVED negativity towards certain groups’…aka a pita.
A bit verbose, a bit of a gobfull so woke is a much easier way to express it.

How would you refer to it then?

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I don’t think I would feel the need to label and some of it is subliminal.

I guess I just don’t want to spend the energy thinking about whether I agree with the person uttering the word whether I agree with him/her that the person / group being labelled is “woke” or not. I just tend to switch off and ignore such conversations, which I guess is a form of filtering. I can’t really help it to be honest