Few odd photos Ive found in a drawer

nice collection of military motors from a truckfest in the late 80’s

what can you say but fantastic

one for bonkey in this pic a s39 foden 8 legger tipper ,can remember taking this pic as a nipper think it was 1983, it was based in the pioneer concrete plant just of aston church rd in nechells, b’ham

and finally this poor Volvo which was up until 4 years back languishing in a yard in Ludlow

Thanks alot for posting the pictures any more hidden
away , that you could podt please, :slight_smile:

Pete Ive got several boxes of stuff to look through as I’ve started tidying the garage out therers bound to be more in one of the boxes somewhere

Dig um out Andy lots of people on here would love to see them. :smiley: :smiley:

Great pics, stick them on, they will be greatly appreciated by all.

AS every One posted get em out and post ,EM please
we will appreciate them, thanks in anticapation of seeing
the pictures in the near future,

It looks like an old National Carriers D Series on the picture with the tipper.

Smashing photos again, the older the better :stuck_out_tongue:

pioneer tipper,they probably in the cafe on cuckoo road near star city

would that be the one on the corner of nechells park rd ,Curnock ? about 300 yds from where the foden is :slight_smile: it was opposite a pub

yes thats the one

just to keep everyone happy been having a look in another box and found another load from truckfest 88

and here comes the rest in the next installment

and here comes the rest

and finally some Kenworth wreckers

Autocar wrecker

and I would love this Volvo

Classic motor, very nice, would have one of those anyday over a new “truck”!!! :wink:

bullitt i agree the daf is a cracking motor its a shame theres not many about anymore

Nice ones again Andy, loved the mixer truck :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

THANKS a lot excellent photos, and yes the DAF and the ERF are excellent,

Your both right about the DAF bullit & Carl, I had a brand new one use to run to Holland with it for a few months, it was the best truck I had ever driven. If the pay had been as good as the truck I would have stayed with it.

glad you all like them ,I have a feeling that theres another load of pictures in the garage somewhere so will be searching for them at somepoint in the near future

and that Daf 3600 is most definately the best motor Daf ever made shame they came out with the 95 series to replace it, as the earlier cab especially the space cab version looked the dogs danglies

…shame they came out with the 95 series to replace it, as the earlier cab especially the space cab version looked the dogs danglies

Yep, gotta agree with you Andie. I was fortunate to get to drive both types and out of the two I would go for the old style over the 95`s anytime.