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Hi could anybody please help me find the cheapest ferry crossings,I need to do lancashire to holland twice a week.thanks this will be very appreciated cheers jon. :slight_smile:

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I can recommend this firm :



dont forget to think about diesel to Kent and time off

Welcome to TN Jon. It’s impossible to give details on ferry crossing price, unless they are from the same company it is unlikely that two trucks on a ferry are paying the same price. Each company will negotiate their own price based on volume of crossings etc.

As Deesider advised you are best going through someone like Harbour Shipping as the prices they can offer you will be far less than you could ever get yourself.

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Don’t forget to consider the northern ports.
I have heard that Superfast from Rosyth to Zeebrugge have put their rates up to silly money recently and it lands to late, nearly lunch time.

From Stirling, we use DFDS from Newcastle to IJmuiden or P&O from Hull to Europoort. That saves a fair bit in diesel costs and wear n tear. The crossings are overnight and we get a cabin and meals. That gives us our time off, so we’re ready to go as soon as we are released from the docks.
It would be possible to cross Sunday night, do your drop, reload and get back to Europoort in time to catch the Monday night ferry. From IJmuiden to Venlo is about 2:30 driving so you would be able to reach anywhere in Holland within a 4:30 drive.
Going north from Calais, you will have to go round Antwerp, where there are a lot of roadwork’s at the mo’. That could loose you enough time to make it difficult.

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cheers lads for your information on ferrys to holland.This as been a great help.deesider,hitch,coffeeholic,cm,and simon thanks im considering the northern ports thing cheers

Hi Jon and welcome, give us some details on length of vehicle and routes you are considering and i will see what i can do for you.


This firm www.directferriesfreight.com have quoted prices for Dover/Calais/Dover far cheaper than Harbour Shipping has been charging me.

9m, 30% Cheaper
10m, 25% Cheaper
15m, 35% Cheaper

I haven’t used them yet — proof of the pudding and all that. But I did specify P&O with usual driver facilities.

I have also found that other firms, similar size and number of euro trips as me, are paying far less than the “best” prices I have received from HS

Hi mate, my boss uses a company called E C FERRYS . i think it’s somthing to do with Brit european transport , he say’s there much cheaper than Harbour shipping. One thing about Harbour. there open 24 /7 and they do everything you need, hope this help’s