Farewell to different

I have just received a press release from Renault and it is time to mourn the passing of the one truly different truck on the roads. The Renault Magnum.

The final two UK Renault Magnums have now been delivered to their new owner, Freight Transport Ltd. The pair of Magnum 480.25 6x2 units were prepared by Sparks Commercial Services and will primarily operate on long hall routes to the south of France.

The replacement to the Magnum, the long range variant of the truck which will replace both the 20 year old model and the Premium Long Range, will hit Renault Trucks dealers on 22nd July and according to Renault Trucks Chilterns the first of the new models will be registered on the road and with its new owner on that day.

Shall we reminisce then boys and girls, favorite Magnum memories here.

I’ve always been a bit of a fan of the Magnum, not the nicest drive, but a damned good design.

Remember when I got told that the reason it’s designed like it is, is for getting out of the cab in tight spaces, and after a few slips whilst climbing down truck steps, it’s a damned good design as long as you don’t fall off :open_mouth:

I’m personally not a fan. Just looks like a Rubik’s cube on wheels, too square with no aerodynamic features at all. But I understand the legendary status of it, so RIP :slight_smile:

Pile Of Pooh !
Trying to get into the cab whilst carrying a bag of shopping and nearly breaking my neck is my memory of it. The Cheese eating Surrender Monkeys knew what they were up to when they sent it over hear to avenge Agincourt.
Au revoir . . . . Merde.

Marmite lorries.I only ever ‘drove’ one once at an introduction roadshow on one of the services in France(A1 I think).I liked it,but never got to drive one for work :cry: .Way ahead of its time in concept,but aerodynamics? In 20 years time,it will probably be as revered as a F88/89.Groundbreaking and unique.

Some of the early models are already appearing at classic shows.

Once got recovered by one in a coach from Woodall and you could tell it had some grunt (it was a 530 model). I asked the driver what he’d had out of it and he simply said ‘twenty past!’ :wink: