Factory Lane Croydon

ok i have a before 7 am drop to the above and im thinking of going a22 then a23 turning right onto the 232 then left on the 236 then and left into factory lane i have looked on google mapps and i think its ok for the lorry ban cant see any signs , but does anyone no any different thanks

that’s only way in for lorrys don’t come in off A23 further up A23 as its 7ft width limit :wink:
Go route you posted

cheers mate thks

just checked the london lorry map and it seems the last bit the 236 is on the ban but pn google maps i couldent see any signs

There are 2 signs one is above the white van the other one is next 2 save the NHS poster.

google.co.uk/maps/@51.36473 … 312!8i6656

well spotted that man but the london ban map shows that as on the excluded road network