F1 testing silverstone this week

i read in disbelief that they’ve ‘sold out’ tickets for formula one testing this week, i thought it was against fia regulation to sell tickets for testing as there’s no guaratee that any team will do a single lap, only silverstone would charge for such an event, another british f1 ripp-off! they’re a bloody disgrace and the sooner bernie take away the gp the better :exclamation:

I thought it was free because I went to the A1 GP testing & that was free. Its just money grabbing all the way along.

How do they expect people with a family to go to a Britsh GP it will cost them a fortune. I went to the GP’s & the Tourist Trophy in the early '70 because I could afford it then & I think the races were better then.

I went to Silverstone to see the free practice.

OK, I was doing a track day and it was a bit intimidating to meet one of these coming towards me on the adjacent track :stuck_out_tongue:

I did them an email saying they were a ‘bloody discrace’ and i did get a reply :exclamation: they said it was because of the proximity of the test and next weeks gp that they had to limit mumbers, but i’ve been going for the last five years and there was never that many people there for a test that couldn’t be controlled by some tape and barriers :bulb:
It was only luck that i visited the website first that i found out that it was tickets only, i wonder how many turned up at the gate to be turned away, or maybe they weren’t :exclamation:
If i would have driven up from dorset and found out i wasn’t allowed in, i would have hit someone :exclamation: