F A Cup Final

Well my good feeling was for nothing. How come the United players didn’t look that happy at the end, the way they were it looked like they had just won a normal league game. Is it a case of they are so used to winning now they don’t care?

I think you got that one to a tee Coffee.

Still at least we have Mansfield to support next year :slight_smile:., they`re not used to winning anything so theygot my support next year i might even take my lad to a game.

Cough,… well for a start Man U have won nothing else all season… so I guess they were a bit bewildered :smiley:
We went to what we call a ‘gathering’ (party in a mate’s house) Balloons, ribbons, sarnies, flags, beer etc… To be honest, I felt most sorry for the kids that were Man U supporters… one of the richest clubs in the uk ( and how they got rich… feeding our kids with the need to get the latest strips arrrgghhh)
Anyway… to cut a long story short… we took great delight in pelting the TV with wet bog roll each and every time Man U came on the TV. Millwall done good to get to the final. No body ( and apparrently especially the commentators it seemed) like us and we don’t care!