Eyeball, eyeball.

Just met Robinhood-1984 (Jordan) … Nice young geezer, I can only assume that was the year he was born :slight_smile:

It was indeed. Nice to finally meet you at long last. How did you like NB and NS?

It was a long drag mate, I was more concerned about finding a Comdata fuel stop, the one in Fredrickton was too close to the border but the Irving in Salisbury took it, I topped off the tank and was ok to get there and back to the USA without filling up again. Truro has a serious shortage of road signs :laughing: … Took me some time to find the way out again.

I should have stayed at the service area where I had the Whopper, I tried the TA, the one further along the road, all full and I was told to keep going by a cop, the rest area was full and I actually ran over my driving time so I expect the first nasty letter I have had in years, I did make a note with the reason ‘Not parking on the side of the road, drove to safe parking’

Just got my settlement figure for the Nova Scotia trip, not that it makes any difference because I get a good weekly minimum anyway but that run which took about 3.5 day’s paid just under $800.00, that’s only $45.00 more than Montreal which is just up the road from me, I can’t see how it would pay for someone who just get’s paid by the trip ?