External Transport Manager Glasgow

Blatant advert removed by Admin.

:+1: And if they can’t read some simple forum rules about advertising, how good are they going to be at discharging their many legal obligations? No doubt the same character will be advertising on the various FB TM groups

Thankyou zac_a for highlighting the forum rules that i might have overlooked. There is no need to be patronising as well. You do not assume how good i am at discharging my many legal obligations. This seem a bit more than constructive criticism as the forum rules state criticize ideas not people. This conversation has now ended.

OOHHHH No it hasn’t !

You don’t get to decide when a thread is terminated.

Indeed: So not only can’t OP read the rules of a forum before posting, but also doesn’t understand the basic premise of social media that everyone is free to reply and does not need permission from the OP.

Also it is far from patronising to suggest that a lack of attention to some very brief written guidance in one area might also be reflected in a far more significant lack of attention to the very large amounts of written guidance in another (legally binding) area.

You do not assume how good i am at discharging my many legal obligations. [/quote]

Yes I do assume a certain lack of ability in one area based on a lack of ability with written language, not least of all because a TM might very well need to send written communications to the OTC in support of their client’s activities, and doing so with an inadequate command of SPAG is not going to be helpful to the client.

googled spag and got this…Submarine Parachute Assistance Group

i know have a mental image of commandos parachuting onto the roof and smashing through windows waving machine guns

Of course, and all done while wearing drysuits and getting on that balcony

I’m very much hoping that was intended to be tongue-in-cheek Coop:
Spelling, Punctuation And Grammar, ergo, SPAG

With or without Bolognaise sauce?

No endorsement of any tomato-based products should be inferred, other sauces are available.

Others with children still in the education system might add that SPAG also needs to be combined with SHAMPOO for the creative side of writing