Exelby Services Limited, your opinions please!

Hi all

Following your comments ref our sites we have hopefully addressed your concerns

  1. Whitwood Truckstop is now under new management. Customer service should be much improved!!
  2. Showers have been installed at A19 Southbound and upgrades to the gents toilets
  3. Temporary shower block installed at Londonderry
  4. Hot food available at A19 North and Golden Fleece
  5. Lorry park promotions ie £2 shop voucher for each lorry park ticket purchased.

If any drivers have used our services since the ‘improvements’ please let us know what you think

many thanks

Ok ok I stayed at whit wood the other night and the breakfast was good :blush:
Since the cafe has got new management it has improved no end and when the showers get finished it will be great. Well done.

BUT, £2 for a friggin shower is extortionate IMHO.

I’ve stayed the night at Whitwood a few times and use the diesel maybe once a week. The shop is always well stocked and has plenty of trucker bits n bobs for sale. I’ve only used the showers/toilets once and tbh were disgusting, 2 or 3 of the toilets were blocked the smell was awful.showers were filthy and needed a major breaching, The free showers on Hartshead moor are far cleaner and probably get more traffic since they’re free.

I’ll stop at Whitwood this week and see if anything has improved.

Stopped on the A19 a few times when running up to Teeside in the past.

Not a bad stop anyway. But, fair play to them. Coming on here and not just asking for opinions but acting on them. A rare truck stop owner that!

Good luck to the owner(s). I’m not driving so much these days as my other work is very busy. But next time I am up that way you will certainly receive my patronage! :smiley:

Used to deliver into Carlisle twice a week, was always pleasant even at 3am, friendly staff, always happy to get the job done :slight_smile:

Only downside was the prices on some stuff (Ginsters correct) so I rarely used to buy anything. Only other downside, you stopped ordering our bread :frowning:

Fleece and a19 south very good :laughing: rarely use north bound A19 :open_mouth: whitwood too much attitude in the shop, :unamused: although the young girls polite :sunglasses: the numpty who knocked me up one night on a night out :open_mouth: with my paid receipt displayed in the window :unamused: didn’t have a good bupa plan :smiley: and Londonderry was a two year tour in the eighties :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing: I miss the bogside and creggan :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing:

Thanks for the comments :smiley:

Is there any services/facilities we could offer to you at any of our sites?

How do we compare to the competition?

We will be opening a new truck services ie shop/hgv forecourt/cafe etc site at J51 on the A1M, hopefully at the start of 2014. Tell us what we need to do to make it a truck stop you would want to use.

The Eggman

the eggman:
Thanks for the comments :smiley:

Is there any services/facilities we could offer to you at any of our sites?

How do we compare to the competition?

We will be opening a new truck services ie shop/hgv forecourt/cafe etc site at J51 on the A1M, hopefully at the start of 2014. Tell us what we need to do to make it a truck stop you would want to use.

The Eggman

more pasties.

stopped using whitwood because the food was bad and expensive for what you got,staff unfriendly and arragant but now you have new management things might have changed,i hope so.

whitwood is a total discrace esp for food most of it you wouldnt even feed to the dog let alone a human, only use it for derv and thats at a push
staff arnt up to much either in the place

the others are to far for me these days :grimacing: so carnt really coment on those but last time i was in them they wasnt to bad really
just whitwood its a total let down gone down the pan over the years for sure

Being as you ask.
What about serving decent sausages, for example, lincolnshire sausages (other counties are available ).
I stopped buying a full English years ago due to the fact that 99 % of cafes ect serve those disgusting excuses for the real thing.
If you are all ready serving decent sausages then I salute you, but I doubt that you are.
Well done for taking an interest though.
We are not used to it.
Thanks, we love you.

Well, you can’t call them sausages in most breakfasts can you, horseages, more like, hardly any meat in them. I find its hard to distinguish between cheap and expensive bacon than sausages.

Ginsters sandwiches are just ok, but way too expensive & if there’s a choice, I’d take the other more than likely.

As in all these places, the toilets need to be cleaned properly & regularly, it’s a dirty job but someone’s got to… Smelled like someone had died in Thurrock petrol station toilets there recently, odour control or just plain bleach is king.

Free coffee with certain amount of derv, don’t like vouchers, keep it simple, although I may be in the minority on the voucher thing.

Biggest consideration for me is potential room, if I’m pulling in late after 15 hours I don’t want to be reversing in the pitch dark in to a tight spot.

Never stopped at these places, as i only normally go as far as Hull. However, i do use Colsterworth for fuel, and if you show ya receipt in the shop you do get free coffee…

Yes a coffee/tea would be good with fuel but pointless setting it at 300/400lts of fuel for a free cup and something decent the “love coffee” isnt the best … as they say its wet and warm i guess… not much taste

back to whitwood … food “value for money” and freshly & correctly cooked, By that i mean not the cheapist crap “food” you can buy in then sell it on at top dollar, leaving a tastless plate of not very good food on your plate,

the chips for instance these seem to be cooked and re cooked !! and re cooked !!! again then put on a plate and given to you, you buy a chip buttie for example and leave the chips and just eat the bread !!! thats how bad the food is in there… maybe changing the cooking oils/fats a little more often as well

Drivers will pay for decent good portions of food thats what most are there for to start with, and maybe have a word with your securty/parking man to have some manners to people/drivers “whitwood”

Best thing to ask yourself in all this is would you eat it!! and do you think its value for money/tastes ok come away from… owing the site and sit on the other side of the fence say when you go on say a hoilday what do you want and want to see !!!
drivers are human “98%” of them are at least and most they want is value for money and decent ho tfresh tasting food and nice clean washing area with hot water, shop to buy there nik~naks and bobs ur uncle… little bit like free refill with meal., free coffe with derv goes a long way

Hi All

Having read comments about our sites on the forum (some not so good!) I would really appreciate driver’s views (good or bad!) on the service you receive. This is a genuine request and all comments will be read and hopefully we will be able to make improvements where required.

The Exelby Services sites include:
Golden Fleece (BP), J42 M6 Carlisle
Whitwood, J31 M62 Castleford
A19 North & South (BP), Teesside
Londonderry Garage, A1 North Yorkshire

Views on any subject appreciated eg. truck wash, cafe, parking, fuel cards, special offers, web site ( exelbyservices.co.uk ), customer service etc.

Happy posting!!!

many thanks

Antonie Hoyle
Sites Manager
Exelby Services Limited


A19 North & South (BP), Teesside My fave place to stop south bound… Only draw back… you have all this truck stuff in but no price’s on most of it. Its my pet hate looking at something then having to ask for a price. I just dont bother.

Everything else is fine there staff are firendly having local sandwich’s in that are a decent price is great to. Ginsters is crap and over priced.

I’m only drawn to service’s where a packet of l&b is £6 or under and have cheap food and drink offers on large bottles of pop or have a waitrose or m&s.

Kepp it up :smiley:

***Edit Are those fridge’s going on offer anytime soon? have to be cheeky and ask lol

I’m in Exelby services pretty much everyday A19 Southbound, Teeside. Between 8 and 10am.

Plenty of space, specially at the time i’m there. Could of used being plowed when it was snowing. Toilets not the best but better than a lot.

whitwood staff rude and unpleasent, got very uperty when i wanted to exchange a faulty reducer, my mate wanted to exchange a faulty kettle he got there but was told no chance tough luck.

its a shame with whitwood cos the cafe is rubbish as well and its in a really handy place for me.

A19 = everything fine no problem at all although the bogs could do with sprucing up.

Ginsters is crap and over priced.

ginsters is crap and over priced everywhere.

Golden Fleece and A19 North and South are good. They are both well situated, decent parking and enough basics to fill a cab fridge

Never liked Whitwood since it first opened and Londonderry needs bringing into the 20th century :stuck_out_tongue:

Bin the Ginsters :laughing: