Ex- Pats Check in part two

Australia calling.
Hello All, I am new to this forum.
Cheers from Sydney Australia.

Welcome to TrucknetUK Arkwright… :wink: :wink:

Hope you have fun on the forum mate, and post away to yuor hearts content mate…

Are you a british ex-pat?? where do you originate from??

Hello Andy,thanks for the reply.
I was born in Hull in East Yorkshire,and I have been in Australia since 1969.
I have been back a few times,and I like to keep in touch with the road transport scene in the UK.
I found out about this forum from the URTU “Wheels” magazine which some one sent me.
I never drove for a living in the UK, although my Father did, however, I am employed as a local truck driver here in Sydney.
Cheers for now, Peter.

G’day Arkwright, Peter,

Welcome here, I arrived by the same route ie. ‘Wheels’. Have been a member of the URTU for several years and although I retired last year here in France I kept up the membership downgraded to part-time so I could keep in touch.

Our paths may have crossed as I was in Sydney in about '69. I lived in the Northern Territory where I drove road trains, then travelled by road through SA, Vic, and NSW to QLD, working up through Mackay & Townsville at various jobs and then back to Sydney where I drove a cab for a year. Great memories. Have just re-discovered an old mate from those days via the internet. A lot of time to make up!

Wherabouts are you in Sydney? I lived first in Newtown in a bedsit then got a flat on Ben Buckler at Bondi Beach. Had a brief period in Woolamooloo as well.

Local truck driving in Sydney. Tell me about it. I had one day with Resch’s(?) brewery running paletted crates of beer down to Darling Harbour goods yard (about a quarter mile?) and handballing them on to railway wagons. Then handballing the empties. As if that wasn’t bad enough in summer heat they gave me a pint (yes, in OZ a pint) of beer in between each trip. Sounds like heaven but I was slaughtered. Got another job working in a foundry! Another one day wonder. I could pick 'em.

There are one or two of us relics in here that go on a bit but sometimes we have something useful to say :laughing: Don’t be put off!

Salut, David.

hi guys i am up here with pat in ny bloody cold lately i will be moving down south hopefully this year to lake hartwell
but till then still here still cold james

James, :smiley:

Where have you been :question:

I was getting worried about you but didn’t want to phone incase I was distuebing you. :smiley:

Sorry its been a while mate,but been working my spuds off.Thanks for the welcome Boots…Been back home now about 3 months.Good to be back,but miss the money.Coupling up a B double after afew years is strange as well,but i dont miss the logbooks…Sounds like everbody is doing fine and im all ready now to start ,yapping again :laughing: :laughing:

I live in North-East Brasil, but I dont’ drive over here. Money’s rubbish, roads are even worse. I go back to Europe every summer to drive for UK firms. I generally earn up to my tax limit then clear off back here to the beach. I’ve worked in France, Germany, Holland, and the USA. These days I keep bees on my land and I also play guitar and piano in a blues band. Free beer and a tenner a night.
Interesting to read posts from all the ex-pats.
If anyone wants a tropical holiday we’ve got a beach house up the coast from here we rent out when the family isn’t using it. Cheap and cheerful. Great seafood, cold beer and gorgeous women.

Sounds great,but alas do,nt think the wife would go for the last bit(bobit comes to mind).

You dont’ actually have to oil your dipstick, Froggy, although we’ve found that most of our European and American visitors tend to …what’s the phrase I’m looking for…be indiscreet…no…(zb)themselves senseless, not to put too fine a point on it.

edited for language nearly missed it :blush: :wink: mrs mix

peter i think the expresion you were probly looking for was “read and sample the menu” but (zb) is just that bit more subtle :laughing: :laughing:
i am still here in the auvergne in france dept 43.
weather is up and down has been up to 28 degrees all ready but back down to (zb) cold :angry:
havent turned a big wheel in just over a year and still miss it, will have to start again this next winter as i am so bored and extra money will be good!!!

edited for language didn’t miss those though :slight_smile: :wink: mrs mix

Might of said this before but I,ve lived in the USofA for a while and would love to say that I understood them but no way,I went to san fransico for about a year before going to the islands ,oahu and kuaui for a good few mounths,loved it,but the buck ruled,bottom line all the time,skipperd yachts in the the med for awhile(also got a yachtmaster as well as an hgv,used to go back to england and do a bit while seeing famaily)there were great,did,nt know a thing,sorry only talking so far about the yanks,the europeans ,well I live en face some belgiums and they dont even come on holiday together,lived in amsterdam for afew months and the the girls you see,if you know what I mean are,nt dutch,double standards or what.

We had this on the old forum, it needs to be revived as it seems we have ‘lost’ about half of the ‘old gang’. not only ex-pats, but where are our illustrious ‘token’ Aussies?, Boots?, Skippy?. so come on show yourselfs everybody, lets start a new list. just post your names. after mine of course! :laughing:

Cliff Warby

OK, I’m here Cliff, stuck in Upstae NY seving the North eastern States.

… In the COLD at the moment , … not like you lucky sods down there.

I’m here…In chilly Ohio.


Hi All,

Announcing my arrival into the new home.

Freezing my back-side off in Iowa!


Hello all, I’m back, but not yet in my full capacity, in other words I am doing some long haul couple weeks away stuff so nio time to be on computer.

Just got back from great trip to Edinburgh, realised the forums had changed and wondered what was going on…■■ lol

Anyway, nice to see you are all still here and when I get a chance to talk more I will.

Everyone be safe.


Nice to see you found us again Stuart…Glad you enjoyed your trip back home. Hey Stu are you going to the TruckNet UK Ex Pats ■■■■ up at the MATS show in KY?


We’ve been wondering what happened to you Stuart, Have’nt heard from you in a couple of months!..I had to take over your old job of Moderator!

And a “welcome back” to you too Jim, we tried to hide from you…but you found us again! :laughing:

I’m still here and now using blue just to cheer Cliff up :wink: .