Ex nedexco driver needs work

Hi hav"nt been on here in years, lost my job with nedexco last month and looking for work. I live in folkestone but all the companies pay Around £85 a day round here that includes your n/o so pants,
left or right hand drive no problems.anyone got any ideas or phone no"s please

£85 - V- £0. HMM Tough one!

£85 take off average £25 - £30 nightout, £55 for a 15 hr day =£3.66 an hour that is well below minimum wage.my name dont finish with ski

Edwards at Market Drayton have a few based at Snodland. £105 a day plus £20 n/o

Try tdw bridgend or s@k barry. I know they always have a few weekending at folkestone harbour.

Are you only looking for nights out / tramping? If not I could pit you in touch with someone who is looking for day drivers doing fridge work

3 Feathers Haulage

Cheers skids,half pint,& 3 feathers
Im looking for tramping european,but would try & do uk only.
3 feathers have you got that contact if its local maybe interested please pm me.
many thanks

did you get paid off nedexco or did they rip you off :question: :question: :question: :question:

Coolchain always seem to be looking.

jessicas dad:
did you get paid off nedexco or did they rip you off :question: :question: :question: :question:

Come on Alex, you know they ripped us all off!

Yes jessica"s dad they ripped us all off,im owed over £1,000 so skint & out of work,just had 2weeks with kingbrook in dover but told them to shove it wanted blood bone & flesh for an hourly rate that worked out at £3,36 an hr before tax,then got a letter this morning saying because i didnt give a week notice they aint paying me. there getting a visit monday with a large peice of wood to change there attitude

who has got nedexco work out of lamb weston meijer chip factories across europe must be a big contract for someone. I live not too far from one of there factories but cant find anything out from anyone.

Sitra and visbeen are doing some. Don’t know if anyone has a majority or not.

Visbeen got the contract, u have to go through optimum at milton keynes if u want a job,but be warned optimum worked with nedexco a few years ago doing there uk recruitment & quite a few drivers lost a lot of money

Hi Eric,
hope you got yourself sorted. I have seen a few of the lads aeound, several have gone onto visbeen and bolle, a couple with james. i did 3 weeks on uk agency and first day got in wrong side of truck, ERROR lol. might be something slowly developing at FTT but they run a lot into harwich and hull. only occaisionally via shuttle but they are always worth a try.

Rather bizarrely, “Visbeen” is Flemish for “fish leg”.

Harry Monk:
Rather bizarrely, “Visbeen” is Flemish for “fish leg”.

Yeh I’ve seen it on the menu in lokeren ! Leg of fish in a disgusting sauce ! Or that’s what I think it was.

eric ford:
there getting a visit monday with a large peice of wood to change there attitude

how did it go?