Everley Bros Foden S36

Hi guys, iv been looking for info about an Everley Bros Foden, they had 2 S36 heavy tractors that I know of and as far as I know they both went to Hardwicks in the mid 70’s, one was then sold to Hills of Botley reg PYH 546F, does anybody know what happened to the other and also does anybody know the full reg? From the photo iv seen it looks to be VMC **5G, but the front drawbar pin is blocking the other numbers.

Basically my reason for asking this is I have a truck identical, but it was converted to a wrecker in the late 70’s by Wreckers International, London. Then sold to Frews of Perth where it ran on trade plates until eventually being given an age related numberin the late 80’s I believe. I am currently restoring this truck and would like to find out it’s original company to put it back in that livery, I think it might well be this Everly Bros truck.

Thank you for any help, Chris