European Truck Info

Hey guys,

After getting fine after fine through to our office for our fleet of trucks that cover European Events, I’ve been thinking about putting together a website that lists driving information relevant to commercial drivers travelling through Europe.

At the moment I’ve been working on adding

  • Maximum Lengths, Widths and Weights
  • Tolls + Bridge Crossing Charges
  • Winter Driving Requirements
  • Parking Areas and links to websites
  • Blood Alcohol Limits
  • Required Equipment (snow chains, first aid, fire extinguishers etc)
  • Driving Restrictions (weekend bans, holidays etc)

Was wondering if you had any other things that you were caught out by?



I found quite a lot of that info on a site once.
Ummm… what was it called?
LorryNet? No
TruckUK? No
UKNet? No

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Just got to quote from some very famous person circa ad24

" Open thine eyes and thout shall see "

Nuff said :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Driving restrictions are the hardest one i struggle with at times, especially now the french have sectoral ones at weekends. Theres a website somewhere which muckles has put up before.

Dimensions are pretty standard unless convoi exceptional.

Blood alcohol, well that should be the same everywhere. 0. But you did say you do event trucking so a few stella’s are ok.

Dkv/uta routing apps take care of tolls.

Most of mine get fines for not paying attention to signs and because there incompetent.

You might find some useful information here >Euro Drivers Info Point