european dover

duty rumour has it that they have stopped trading. anybody know anything?

There fleet is up for auction in this weeks Commercial Motor…so think it can be taken as read that the doors are shut on another one…Ho hum!!!

The rumour mill down here is working overtime, it’s said that the two blokes who bought it from Micky White have skimmed money and are under investigation from the fraud office, some say Micky has taken over the reigns again and winding the company down, some say he’s starting again, who knows? What ever, they are not working.

There must be at least 30 of there trailers stored in a yard in paddock wood ,they have been there for 2 weeks approx.

enjoyed a couple of years working for msw, left when moved away which was just before he sold up. i’m sure he will turn up again somewhere sometime

I’m not so sure, I did a short stint in 84 on White Trux and Micky was knocking on then, he’s gotta be in his 70’s

I did a short stint in 84 on White Trux

I did in 1986. I didn’t get much sleep.

is this them ? or was …

yep thats them

Definatly gone unfortinatly. We moved the trailers down to Paddock Wood.I have only heard the same romours as Kingfisher60.

Company house records say white trux is dissolved.I am restoring an f89 that was owned by white trux-ALP61S.Do any of you remember this truck or have any pics of it? Was driven by a guy called Tony Buckle, thanks.