Euro 2024

Ok Scotland played like a league 2 team but Germany only looked good because of that
Must be hard losing to the most boring people in the world and the most unfriendly
It might be a good thing them winning as they will think they are unbeatable now
Full of false confidence

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Sorry couldnt resist (after all the stick we get off their fans)

I actually wanted them to win, (but got bored at half time and went to bed.:smiley:)

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There was something about this on the radio last night. Parents have turned round and said they’re on an educational trip or something like that lol.

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Englands first game tomorrow night.
Serbia wont be an easy game, in fact there are no easy games in this competition.

Got tomorrow sorted, wife out with me to watch Holland game, (in her Netherlands shirt :smiley:) then son in law and a couple of my mates (and a couple of his) meeting me after she goes home, all out to watch England…so all in all a good day out, hopefully, and all at 1.70 a pint.:sunglasses:

I was asked if I fancied a full week’s work starting Mon this week instead of Wed…but declined, getting my priorities right as usual.:joy:

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Ok Toby, so you’ve let us in on yer 5exual fantasies…fair enough.

Wtf has it to do with football?:thinking:

Spain looking good although Croatia seemed tired
Italy the same crap as usual, what gets me is how does a professional football player sit back and not play his best, if there not falling down they are wasting time kicking the ball to each other with no intentions of attacking
I suppose it’s the same as the truck driver, it doesn’t matter boss i get paid by the hour

Loudmouth Lorraine grassing them up

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Quote: ‘‘Italy the same crap as usual’’
Is that the same Italy who are the current European champions, and the same Italy whose domestic teams are currentlly the most succesfull in all European competitions so far ?

Ok they didnt qualify for last World Cup, but they did for this Euro comp, and did win their first game last night (ok it was Albania) so you can sure as hell bet they have sorted their sh out.

Never underestimate Italy…except in a war :joy:

Again Toby…
What’s with all the random crap?:thinking::roll_eyes:

Btw…That said Tobes, It was NOT me who flagged up your post either…not my style mate.

Not least because I aint a …quote: ‘‘member of the community’’ .:joy:

‘The community’ ffs.:roll_eyes::joy:

Supposedly the best front line in euros they don’t even know where each other is
Dec rice is the only player who knows what to do
Second half starts harry should have stayed at home he’s a ghost, England are starting to panic loseing confidence by the minute, i can see the odds going to outsiders to getting out of the group if Serbia gets a goal
Its no difference in play since Southgate took the job you give him the best players and nothing changes he’s no tactics or plan he was never a manager to begin with.
Serbia getting loads of confidence still plenty of time to get a goal
It should be 3 _ 1 to Serbia England not coming anywhere near Serbia goal
You can see the determination leaving the England players no push no urgency no taking the bull by the horns
72 minutes gone so England will probably sit back to keep lead
They both have an excuse sorry boss i wasn’t at me best because of the late kickoff
Worst match of the tournament so far worse than the Scotsman match
There’s just nothing technical about England they have never had a flow of looking like they are in control or looking like they know what they are doing looks like another few years of living the 1966 past times
You really have to be embarrassed at the performance school boys stuff not a hope of ever winning anything because they don’t have a system, what they play is meat and 2 veg football, old school everyone for themselves
Disappointed is a huge understatement they are as usual riding there luck and will get out of the group
I already know they won and I already know its 3 points but a much bigger embarrassing situation is coming very soon if they keep on playing like clowns

Results count mate nothing else matters
They WON 1 0 end of.
Denmark drew…that can be only be good for us in the table.
So lets wait and see how things go Tues and beyond before we write England off.

You can’t be a real supporter if you think that it was not a real embarrassing effort
Again it’s always the luck that gives the die hards a reason to believe
The effort was worse than what the Scotsman did
We would need harry kane to wake up also the rest of the forwards that they get to know each other as to how they play
It’s a joke that they got 3 points and will be exposed very soon
Just trust your past its writing in stone
It’s called reality

Hey…thanks for the pep talk.

Ok I’m sold,.I’ve no sense of reality, I know nothing about the game, and I aint a real football supporter.
Got it…cheers for that.

:flushed: :joy: :joy:

Meanwhile :smile:

I watched the game,.I aint a match pundit,.I aint a tactic analysist, but I did think there was a fitness issue, I also thought Bellingham was man of the match, and that Kane was not 100% by any means…
But what do I know about football eh ? :joy:

If the likes of Germany play all out attacking football like they did against Scotland,.we need to look up defensively …especially as we have no natural left footed full back, but instead using Trippier for the role,.who did not have the best of seasons last season tbf.

So then after reading different match reports from different sources,.this is the one I found myself agreeing with the most.

You just look at the football being played it has to be the most competitive start to a tournament in a long time
Fast plenty of skill nobody given up, fighting for everything
Even the so called lesser teams are playing fantastic flowing football
It’s usually doesn’t start till the next round but this tournament has being on fire from the start with some outstanding football and commitment

Scotland need to sort their sh out tonight, I know they hate US, but I would like to see them progress further after tonight.
Incidentally why tf did they schedule the Germany game simultaneously?:roll_eyes:
I’ll be sat flicking between 2 games tonight on tv…much to the annoyance of my Mrs.:grin:

As for England…Jeez where do I start.
Ok they got another point the other night, played well for first 25 mins, but they need their system sorted for Tues.
The press is focusing on squad selection,.Grealish etc, but that ship has sailed, it’s tactics and system of play we need addressed.

They played to Denmarks tempo the other night, and laid back after gaining a lead, instead of going all out at their OWN pace and tempo instead, and playing all out attacking football to put the Danes to bed.
So consequently players were NOT doing what they do for their clubs, they played as they were told to play…but Southgate is a defender by nature, so what do you expect, but as I said, it’s results that count in end…so ok so far on that score, but their game needs upped to plsy agsinst the likes of France and Porto…(good game last them night against Turkey btw)

My take on England?..if anybody actually cares :joy:
Stop relying on Bellingham to much to be ‘here there and everywhere’ as on Sunday, stop playing Alex Arnold central midfield, it does not work, play Foden more central, and put Anthony on left wing to push the ball forward…even possibly put Watkins just behind Kane? or even Ivan Toney ffs…, or in like a no 10 position.

Kane needs crosses, supply, to do his job.
He is a prolific goalscorer, so dropping him (as has been suggested) would be wrong,… but he cant score without balls constantly being put in the box.

Thats my take anyhoo… as somebody who knows f/all about football .:joy:

Btw…got to address Mr Ledwige accusing me of ‘not being a real football supporter’, just got one thing to say to put that one to bed…:joy:
I’m a Newcastle supporter man and boy mate…nuff said. …
If YOU know anything about football you will know EXACTLY what I am getting at.

I’m maybe assuming (rightly or wrongly) you are Man U ?..and especually if you are from South of England with the rest of the ‘home fans’. :smiley:…joke btw.

Seriously though, and just to go off on a tangent…It’s started all over again, the ‘Glory Boy fans’ disease in football …
I was actually ‘disgusted’ with the amount of local young boys wearing Man City shirts watching the cup final in the pub the other week.
(I wonder if they know it was only a few seasons ago they were lower league.)

One of them was in the bogs pi55ed (after 2 pints of shandy no doubt :smiley:) shouting, singing and generally gobbing off at half time very loudly, making a show,… as young lads do.
Me being me :roll_eyes: said to him ‘Why don.t you shut the f.up son’', then I remembered I aint 20 anymore, and all his mates were downstairs,.and I was just with 1 mate.:joy:

Nowt happened btw apart from a few stares and glares in our direction, but I know the doormen well.:smiley:
I really need to learn to keep my gob shut.

You’ve got to feel for the Jock fans…been there loads of times as a fan, feeling totally gutted.

The team didn’t embarrass themselves, and in my book that was a nailed on penalty…as just confirmed by Shearer (God) :smiley:at full time.
Where tf is VAR when ya need it.

I know i aint into football mainly because i grew up in the 80’s with whats his face crying every time he fell over or they took the ball from him. Then when they got bored taking the mick out of that all they did was kick the ball between them.

However, how in the world does the league table for the euro work. ok i get they are split into groups of 4 fine. However it seems to me that you can be knocked out of the first stage then play some other random team that may or may not of won their stage win that and still get through to the next stage.

also seems to me that those that dont get through the first round have another match to find out who came third in the overall cup. I can understand the loosing teams of the semi final haveing a match to decide who comes third but what is this some woke participation trophy thing

Just curious who ‘whatshisface’ is ?

Do you mean Gazza? :flushed:
Arguably England’s best ever midfielder, who tbf only cried once, because he felt he was going to be left out of a (once in a lifetime ) World Cup Final after being (unfairly) booked.

Anyhoo…Have a read of this if you can be arsed, it will answer your questions.