EU & the WTD

Most of the states in EU either have appropriate regulations in place or will have shortly, but there is a worryingly long list of counties who have not yet complied with the Directive. The main culprits seem to be Finland, Ireland, Italy, Portugal and Spain, none of whom yet have a date for incorporating the Working Time Directive into domestic law. A few countries will apparently comply within the next few months or so, such as Germany and Sweden.

It would seem that France will soon act on the Directive, but post-implementation unrest is possible". If French transport workers are true to form, and previous history is anything to go by, roads and ports may well become the target of industrial action.

One thing that does stand out from the survey is that some UK citizens are not yet working under the new regime no matter what vehicle they drive. In Northern Ireland, the RTD is yet to come into force.

i am sick of sitting here and hearing about the french strikes while we do nothing to help ourselves. we complain about the ferries being delayed as we watch them with envy because we will not do the same thing. do something useful right here

just come back from a meeting with management regards WTD,they were gobsmacked at what they are required to do they havnt a clue.Totally speechless as i unfolded what WE the staff are going to do,irrespective of what they think we are complying and have done since monday,and they will fall in line.Came out walking on air love to see grown men crying.WE ARE THE PEOPLE.

Love to have been in that meeting :laughing: :laughing:

please put all these WTD threads in here thankyou.