Esso at Popham Eastbound on A303

As you head East with the small airfield on your left, the Esso garage seems a bit anti-truck, they have placed signs to say HGV parking limit for 15 minutes.
The tall South African guy comes out to tell you to move on, even if you are less than 15 mins and have bought food or drink from the Esso shop.
He has been told by the police that the slip road by the fuel pumps is a highway and that he as the right to call the police to get parked trucks moved on, even though the trucks parking for a short break are not blocking the pumps or the slip road.
He was a transport manager for a fruit exporter in South Africa.
In my opinion, we should boycot this place, and get your snacks and coffees somewhere else.

I use to work there about 6 years ago and then they didnt have signs but the manager didnt like lorrys parking over night but when on the night shift there would be one or 2 parked up and we would be lucky to see 10 cars on a 8 hour shift.

Mostly it was drivers stopping for a coffee break and a chat while we were restocking.

did anyone else see the the ND lorries doing a trailer swap in the layby just past esso? Backing up against the flow of traffic.