ERF EC11 6 X 4 Olympic cab

I looking for an ERF EC11/12/14 6 X 4 truck. I prefer a 16 speed manual with a ■■■■■■■ engine and Olympic or Celect cab. It should have been first registered after 1998. I would like to buy one and start a haulage company.

There are loads here… … 3381e5c0ed

Pacific Autos have a good one, it’s expensive but it’s the best I’ve seen for a while.
Tried to copy link but for some reason it won’t copy but you can see it on Autotrader-trucks-ERF-tractor units

I’ve had a good look around and they seem rare. I have see the one at Pacific Autos, its not worth £8k! Ebay has spare parts and 6 x 2s.

Where are you Africa?

Good luck ,I’ve just settled for an alpha as I couldn’t find an Erf in as good condition

the parts back up for the ec11 is very slow I struggle with a foden and it shares a lot of parts with the daf 85 ive heard some body parts are now very difficult to get hold of if its the ■■■■■■■ you want I would go for a foden

Thanks for the advice. You reckon a Foden Alpha or 3000 or 4000 is as reliable as an ERF EC11?

Buying an ec now is great if its your hobby/interest and work but they are really hard to get parts for ,there are not many good ec about now most have rotten floor and headlamp boxes poor cab struts ,broken dash around the heater control to name a few ,on the plus side they are good on fuel (m11) and reliable. The alpha mk1 is good its still a foden drum brakes air controlled air suspension a basic lorry with few electrics on ,the mk2 really is just a 85 daf with a ■■■■■■■ engine,even the starter motor is different.

Thanks for the advice. You reckon a Foden Alpha or 3000 or 4000 is as reliable as an ERF EC11?

yes just as reliable and just as light

I will narrow my search to the ERF EC11 and Foden Alpha. Reliability is an important factor in buying decision.

If you want a good Erf Ec11 try joe at Bjj Trucks at Elford near Tamworth in England ,he cuts up the bad ones ,and sells the good ones,arranges shipping and delivers to port,he cares about what he sells unlike some exporters who don’t care what rubbish they sell ,call him on 01827 383008.