ERF ec the last proper ERF

Good or bad the last ones . Stories and pictures . Tony

Hi dan thanks for sending your picture i thought no one was going to send nothing in ! Tony

image.jpghave another ,they are great for young drivers who don’t know any different ,Chris who drives this one says don’t give me the daf I don’t like using the far as he knows its a modern automatic ha ha.

Sadler Tankers ran quite a few EC10 & EC11 models, M reg like these two and then later on R & T reg.Both sleeper and day cab versions.

The two in Cadbury livery were also operated by James Nuttall Transport Ltd

I drove about ten of them during my time at Sadlers, usually as holiday relief, my ‘own’ tractor unit was a DAF 95 which was a good tool but every time I got an ERF I didn’t want to give it back. I loved them and in my next job got an EC11. Here’s a photo of me tipping gas oil at GB fuels Gateshead probably in 1998. Regards, Mizzo.

Great motor, 375 RR Perkins Eaton twin splitter, Regards Larry.

Lawrence Dunbar:
Great motor, 375 RR Perkins Eaton twin splitter, Regards Larry.

Jakey ran many ERFs, In fact they still have a few still going up & down the road running at 44 tonnes, Regards Larry.

One I had which did all it said on the can and kept up with all the big Volvos and Scanias we had and didn’t
Go rusty. It had a big ■■■■■■■ and a 13 speed fuller road ranger .

Hi all,
My mate ran this EC Olympic 500 ■■■■■■■■■■ bought it back in June 2000.

I always thought both the E series and EC were fine trucks…robust,easy to maintain,economical and good performers, and most of all, very easy to keep on the road. It’s a shame production in the UK ceased…I remember at the time hoping someone like JCB would take it over and make both the brand & the product stronger. Was the ECX not an improvement on the EC? I know they had a few teething problems but having recently driven a few well worked ECX’s, they are still a fine truck.

Funny enough, I still think there is a niche market for a modern truck range like the ERF EC/ECX in todays market.

Yes I agree river stick . Tony


erf ec14 first in bsc colours,then later corus silver ■■■■■■■ 425 zf torque converter,would pull a house down

image.jpg600’000ks on jackshill cafe today and its better than it looks

Leaving my lorry near Burnley for the weekend, very nice chap who runs ec,s has really helped me out today.I’ll take a few pics when I’ve sorted rental car out.
Was only one in the yard.

Dan Punchard:
0600’000ks on jackshill cafe today and its better than it looks

Great looking motor Dan but the pictures up side Dan ! I will put on my picture Dan and sort it out . Tony

Sorry just started using this pad thing will have to try harder next time.