ERF Drawings?

Hi all, could anyone provide or point me at drawings/brochures for any of the following. Must have dimensions. Thanks in advance.

ERF 66 “Sabrina”


A-series here. It has an LV cab. There were several different LV cabs. Don’t forget that there was no model called the LV. LV cabs went on a variety of different ERF chassis.

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Found these for sale online:

Plenty more here:

Manuals & Literature | eBay

I’m not the seller BTW!

Ooo handy, thank you

So what are the meanings of the various designations? We have 54G, 64GB, 64GXB, 64GX, 64G, 64P. 64 Cu220 and 84 PV??

Are they all the same vehicle or what?

I’m not very familiar with the old coding system for ERFs pre-1970 but I believe the first digit shows the number of cylinders, the second shows the number of wheels and the third shows the engine. So 54G is a four-wheeler with a five-pot Gardner. A 64 Cu220 is a four-wheeler with a six-pot Cummins 220. The 84 PV should be an eight-pot four-wheeler unit with a Perkins (presumably the V denotes a V8). Later coding systems show more precise detail - a typical A-series, for example might be called an LAG320.260 meaning that it had a 7LV/8LV cab type (L), with the set back axle (A), a Gardner engine (G), rated at 32 tons (32), with 2 axles (0), is and A-series single steer tractor unit (26) and has wheelbase of 114 inches (0).

Hope that helps!

It does, thank you :slightly_smiling_face: