Will be doing nights out from next week, what do you all use for entertainment, I have a PS2 but would I need 2 sockets in cab… help, what do you all use. Also, seen a portable DVD and TV combi is that my best option?

If you can afford to go buy one, then thats the choice, Tony

You can buy a socket splitter if you need more than one output.

Beware- truck sockets may be 12v or 24v. Test it with a multimeter (or a bulb) first. Or RTFM.

For some reason, truck designers do not always consider it necessary to mark the output voltage on sockets.

Or consider it necessary to make it impossible to plug a 12v appliance into a 24v socket.

I have a telly, but I normally read a book. These seem to work well whatever the voltage :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

On the subject of truck designers- and this is aimed mainly at the designers of Scania Topliners…



My personal policy (after blowing up an expensive hands free a year or so ago) is to try plugging things in through a voltage dropper first to see. If it doesn’t work, then you just found the 12v socket. Then being 100% certain about which socket has which voltage after that.

My last truck (an Iveco) had only 24v sockets, so it was pretty easy to remember that fact. If it was a 12v device, it went into the dropper I’d fitted, if it was 24 it went into either the ciggy or hella scket on the dash. Simple once you worked it out. It may well be worthwhile putting some bright coloured tape round any 12v only plugs just so you find it harder to forget and blow up expensive gadgets.