Enterprise LGV

Hi guys I’m a long time watcher now it’s my time to get involved.

I’ve been after getting into driving jobs for a while now and finally got round to contacting a couple of companies.
The one that stands out at the minute is the one above Enterprise LGV based in Manchester. I live in Widnes which is about a 40 minute drive to the training centre.

Just a few questions,
Has anyone used them before and would you recommend them?
Secondly is there any other in the Liverpool/Manchester area that you would recommend?

Thanks in advance.


I think they have been recommended on here during the last few years - check out the LGV TRAINING TIPS link in my signature below

If I was choosing a provider in your area then I might take a look at Chevron in Flint

Hi ROG thanks for the quick reply. I will have a look at that now thanks.

You wouldn’t be wrong to go to Chevron.

Pete :laughing: :laughing:

Thanks for the reply Pete.

I have been in touch with both companies and both have replied with very reasonable rates, I was expecting at least 600 more than quoted.

Done class 2 and 1, plus ADR with Enterprise,

No qualms from me.

i passed my class 1 with them first time great bunch of lads they care about what they do not just want your money and best of all its one on one instead of 2/3 in a truck