Engine Chipping

I’m looking at a middle weight Wagon & Drag Unit

Iveco 120E210, 12T prime mover, 6T drag, 210 hp

I drove it empty, and it feels under powered (and only has the 6speed box).

Does anybody know about “chipping”. It looks like I could get it up to 250, and it will increase the torque.

Any ideas, examples, comments, advice etc.


All I know is cafe talk & from what I can gather you’re alright for a couple of years then the engines tend to die as they’re not built to cope with the extra stress.

Thats what the bloke at Feather said, he reckon the way they do it doesnt strain the engine, they play with the pump, maybe worth looking into that side of things

I dont think the cost warrants any extra performance.

If you are increasing the output, you have to increase the pressures on the engine. I dont believe that they are designed to be uprated.

The same thing applies with Feather Diesels, If you are putting more fuel in you are going to get a bigger bang, for a while maybe, then you will probably get one big bang you didnt expect.

Im a big believer in, if it aint broke, it soon will be if you faf with it :stuck_out_tongue:

don’t do it.
either take it to feathers and have them do a diagnostics and a tweek or get a bigger engined truck.
chipping can lead to allsorts of other problems, overheating, excessive engine wear, excessive fuel consumption.
it isn’t worth it in the long run.

Thanks for the advice.

The underpowered / chipping issue, plus a few other negatives, have led me to decide this wag/drag unit is not the one for me. Unless, of course, the price drops to a “can’t resist it” level!