Employment interview questions

Recently I have been fishing around for a job that suits since my last long term job has been subcontractored out, I was not happy to work for the sub contractor for various reasons but that’s bye the bye.
All I want is stability and a fair wage.
but all I get is “here is a driver to fill a gap” while the owner knows there is no long term job, so end of that.
Then you get the “this is an easy laid back job” it isn’t as sold.
Are employers that desperate to get bums on wagon seats they lie to the point if embarrassment?
I mean do we always take this stuff?
I’ve noticed that not one of my last three interviews (one I never even spoke to a boss or the office)
have ever asked about my aspect about he job, or what qualifications I have other than dcpc, digi and licence cards.
employers do not seem to give a flying tumbleweed about your work history or qualifications.
They seem to want to sell you the job… Worrying :neutral_face:

Good reason for that mate, because on the whole the job no longer holds any real attraction anymore, and is basically crap in many firms.
Poor wages, over the top regulation over the top h&s, , being watched all the time,( in some cases literally with these ■■■■ in cab surveillance cameras that are the latest of many ball aches) and having to (‘having’ being the operative word in many firms) work 15 hour days and re.starting after 9 hours off, incompetent planners having some running around like idiots, and all the rest of the crap closely associated with this job these days.
Hardly paints a rosy picture does it, so haulage men have to become spin doctors to make it positive, and jump on anybody who applies after losing many on a high driver turnover, who have gone before them for all the reasons I pointed out.

The good jobs are still out there, but will be never advertised, no need for.
Look for specialist jobs and non for profit Haulage (e.g. in house transport )

The bad interviews are the same in transport and in HGV repairs, the best people have the best jobs, for the leftover of jobs why would you even do an attempt to do some kind of interview?
Most of the daily jobs are so dumbed down that any steering wheel attendant can do the job in some kind of fashion.

Invest time in to find the right employer, the right job and be willing to travel for it.

Don’t confuse the good jobs with: the highest pay (most desperate) the fanciest trucks (take monkeys) or the easiest ( there is no such a thing as a free meal)
But a established company who look after their people, who want a fair day work for a fair pay, who invest in their employees.

My mate just got a golden job, hard work, but good in ticking every box, the trucks and trailers are well maintained, the pressure is to get the load safe to their destination even if it takes longer. Knowledgeable people in the office, and input by the driver is stimulated. But on the other side he does not know when he is back as he have to stay with the load. It’s his dream job as he will see whole Europe and beyond.

Good luck with finding a good job and don’t lower your standards!