Electric Bin Lorries

Just been listening to “You & Yours / Gap Finders” BBC R4.
Lunaz are upgrading Biffa trucks to all electric operation. They also convert classic cars to electric.
I’ll put a direct link up as soon as available.

Having done quite a lot of bin wagon work, I struggle to believe that they could get a full day’s work out of a single charge, that hopper working constantly would be a huge drain on the batteries


It is aimed at a general audience, not truck drivers, but is interesting.

Biffa on Lunaz trucks

Some councils are interested too.

but not Birmingham “Buddy can you spare a dime” council I presume

that hopper working constantly would be a huge drain on the batteries
They’ll fit a euro 2 V8 to run that! :thinking:

No need mate, they are probably going back to binmen with thick leather shoulder pads and side slide opening doors.

Glasgow Council had electric bin wagons in the 50/60s , Big ugly looking things. Regards Larry.

Oh Dear, from todays Telegraph bits of cutnpaste ,

Lunaz Group, which retrofits combustion engine vehicles with electric powertrains, on Monday confirmed it was shutting down Lunaz Applied Technologies as part of a wider overhaul.

The troubled division was focused on “upcycling” bin lorries and had secured a deal with refuse collector Biffa to electrify its fleet.

The Silverstone-based company was founded in 2018 by entrepreneur David Lorenz and former Formula 1 technical director Jon Hilton, with the business securing investment from Mr Beckham in 2021.

The former England footballer reportedly took a 10pc stake, with other investors including Mr Whitehall – who fronted promotional videos for Lunaz – and the Reuben brothers and the Barclay family, who are the current owners of The Telegraph.

Electric lorry maker backed by David Beckham collapses into administration (telegraph.co.uk)

There is a new vid out today but was filmed before the news of the companies problems, Quite the rocket ship with impressive torque.

For this sort of thing to succeeded it really needs big boys to implement it a good concept but as a sideline to electrifying your roller ?

That does look like more than a wee hiccup.

Is it to do with the financial viabi9lity of the company?
Or the trucks themselves?

See if anyone picks up where they left this mess.

There’s so much about EVs that doesn’t get talked about, like how to meet the increased demands for the raw materials (not just lithium but cobalt, nickel, graphite and copper) which will escalate in price exponentially if industry listened to governments too much.

And then there’s the recycling of expired batteries. Last time (end of 2023) I checked there were only about 21 existing LB recycling plants in the whole of Europe, some of them very small scale too. We have two, some countries have none (Portugal, Italy, Denmark, Czech Republic, Slovakia etc).

It’s all a bit too shoddy for our government’s "■■■■ the torpedoes -full speed ahead " attitude.

Flipping autocensor! It’ll have us renaming classical music pieces if it had it’s way “The Darnation of Faust” being the relevant one here

22.500 kg lifting capacity needed to hoist it up that sounds good so does it have over ten times the torque of a Tesla?

no idea how much the gubbins weighs to do the job plus another 10,000 kg for payload. Sounds a right plan 40 plus tonnes going up and down residential streets