Egg on Legs

Found this among my collection, I took this photo in Carisio middle 80.s

Nice one dave…another 5 minutes and it would have been egg on face…ha ha
bless him…

Bobbie, Pam had stuck on fridge door for many years, to remind her not to over eat.

bloody hell… i can see why he got that nickname.

the rather large gent is Kenny bowkett he was a very good friend of mine last time i see him was back in 2002 he had married a girl from thieland and was going out to live there not seen him since .i could tell loads of stories about our ken great fun and would give you his last sixpence and then nick it of his guvnor great guy.great to be reminded of hi againe

I remember egg on legs last time i seen him was in Patras in Greece driving an Man. Nice bloke I new he was on about goin to Thialand ,I often wonder iff he is still over there?

There was a piece on here about Kenny . He lived in Pattaya for many years with his Thai wife & had to come back to London for a legal matter ( About 2008 ? ). While he was staying in an Hotel in Charlton he died ; his wife was with him . I called Kenny a coupla times while he was in Pattaya from UK & he said he wanted to move inland & offered me his house for £40K . Always helpful & was held in high regard by the ex-pats in Pattaya . It was said that when he was trucking he had to sleep in the passenger seat . Because of his weight ,if he laid on the bed his throat would close up & he would wake up in a panic , suffocating .

I shared a hotel room in Glyfada once with Kenny (no comments :slight_smile: ) apart from him letting the loudest ■■■■ I’ve ever heard go which woke me up the next morning he kipped all night in the next bed to me & I can’t remember him struggling to breath. I don’t recall ever seeing him getting out of a lorry bunk I think he struggled to get in 1 & could usually be seen snoozing bolt upright in the seat overnight. He was a ■■■■■■■ scream to go on the ■■■■ with but as an employee he was a famous nuisance of the highest order. I last saw him in Dover in a blue LHD Scania heading to Greece he’d lost a ■■■■ load of weight & I was made up for him, he told me of his love for Thailand & his love there too. God Bless him a true character.

Fly sheet

I heard that his parents died & left him the house in Charlton .He sold at the height of the property boom for £320K & moved to the Land Of Smiles .
The sleep thing is called Sleep Apnea -google it up.
Funny thing is that the two times I called him he said .’ I’m in the bar.’ I’m in the bath.’ LOL

I worked with him somewhere or the other, doing Italy, I think, he was a lovely bloke, don’t know too much about his sleeping habits, he wasn’t my type :laughing: He was a total nutcase though, he used to have a way about him that let him get away with murder, RIP mate :cry: