I had to have a night out in Edinburgh. I recommend Edinburgh truckstop should you need a night out.

Clean shower
Free tea and coffee
Drivers room with TV
Plenty of parking
Secure parking.

On site security the lot. Also when you leave and walk to the bridge your only 3 minutes from a pub and 5 minutes from the sea! I recommend it.

The Edinburgh Coach & Truck Park
Sir Harry Lauder Road
(near Freightliner Terminal)


Thats the one i was looking at going to the other night…How much to park?

It has got new owners, sounds like things have improved.
I normally park in the ind est next to it.

Thats the one i was looking at going to the other night…How much to park?

20 quid. A bit steep, given the facilities. The bloke did say I could have a beer out of the fridge though :slight_smile:

Yes! I was there about four weeks back for three nights, and was very comfortable indeed. The toilets / showers are in a portacabin, a bit 80’s retro campsite but very clean indeed. The staff were chatty and pleasant, interested to have a British customer with a wagon from as far away as Finland. My colleague and I were also offered, and had, free beers from the fridge and also took advantage of the three minute walk into the village of Portobello - it would have been good to have an evening on the lash there but unfortunately that wasn’t to be - but the pie shop and cashpoint were really handy.

I’m looking forward to parking there again, TBH, but I’ve only been to England three times so far this year, and Scotland only the once - so it might be a while!

We were charged £15 per night, IIRC 24h was £20 but we were just there for the nights.