Easy one - completed by biggus (again)





It’s on the A140 somewhere between Norwich and Ipswich, down near the Ipswich end, somewhere near Brome I think, or it could be Brockford.

It’s not.

ok its the magpie on the A140 at little stonham :unamused: :laughing:

It’s been years since I went down the A140… and it’ll be another 10-15 years before I start missing going down that road :laughing: :laughing:
It’s the Magpie, it’s on the A140, somewhere on the Ipswich end… more than that, I could care less… it’s not as far south as Mendlesham, and it’s not as far north as Long Stratton, take your pick in the middle there.

Biggus is right (again) :unamused: