DVLA standards

I failed a DVLA fields test following an eye operation recently and they have revoked my entitlement but not only my C+E but my C1 as well meaning its impossible to get any work at all. My ex line manager told me he had seen an item on the internet recently where a driver with the same problem had received a favourable judgement and had his C1 entitlement returned and would assume this would now be case law precedent, but I cant find a reference to it anywhere. Can you help please?

Assuming C1 was a pre 1997 one then did D1 also get revoked?

Yes, license since 1973 so gutted when they took it; they say that EU law dictates their actions (if I had registered loss of one eye prior to 1991 then I would be allowed to drive C1 with only one eye but two not good enough apparently)

I would retake a DVLA VF test at your local hospital when you do the regular hospital VF test - that is free to do but you must request it prior to going in and must ask in advance for a copy

that’s how I do it at my local hospital on my regular checks

In march I took a vocational drivers VFT at Specsavers and had confirmed several times whilst taking it that, yes it was DVLA approved equipment and that, yes they were DVLA authorised (Eastman Binocular). I passed and submitted test results to DVLA who rejected saying incorrect machine used. Specsavers astonished, saying they have been testing on that machine for four years without problems: on their discussing with DVLA they backtracked and refunded fee. I and others have questioned other Specsavers branches and they all say the test and equipment I used was appropriate and DVLA approved for vocational (group two) license purposes; is there some sort of two tier system in use? No use discussing with Swansea as they stick to a script in that very annoying sing-song way of theirs-they have no conception of the destructive effect loss of any useful existence means to someone after 40 years of employment.