DVLA D4 form medical questions answered (Coming Soon)

TruckNet is very pleased to announce that we will soon be ‘officially’ joined by Dr Thornley who has agreed to answer questions related to the drivers DVLA medical form D4.

At the moment this service is a work in progress, so this announcement is just a heads-up for now and will be updated as and when this goes ‘live.’

Dr Thornley actually needs very little by way of introduction, because he’s the main person behind http://www.driversmedicals.com and so he has been dealing with drivers, drivers’ medicals and the DVLA Chief Medical Officer for a very long time indeed.

We’ve yet to decide on the exact wording of a sticky topic for Q’s and A’s, but I’m sure that in welcoming Dr Thornley, everybody will realise that a DVLA medical issue could affect any and all of us at some point. This clearly includes the whole range of us LGV drivers from the newest of newbies, right through to the oldest of ‘old hands,’ because they will all need a medical.

Dr Thornley has agreed to answer questions and provide specialist explanations strictly relating to the DVLA rules for drivers medicals. (Form D4.)

Dr Thornley will NOT be offering online diagnosis, prescriptions or medical treatments because you already have NHS Direct and your own GP for those things.